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You Can’t See or Feel Until It Is Too Late. How A Single Missing Tooth Can Cause Damage

Missing one tooth can cause damage to your entire mouth. Yes, that on tooth “that nobody sees anyway” can cause big problems. A single missing tooth eventually leads to unimaginable shifting of the remaining teeth. This dramatic shifting can cause you to lose additional teeth needlessly. Then you will have more complex problems that will need more costly treatment than if you had replaced that one tooth early.

If you currently lack teeth or soon will, you must contend with a number of difficulties. These spaces make it difficult to eat and converse properly and comfortably, in addition to being embarrassing. Your self-confidence and jaw health may begin to deteriorate. Further tooth loss results from a receding jawline. We mentioned challenges. You can defeat each of them with the use of a single tested solution. Dental implants are designed to survive for many years and have the same appearance, feel, and functionality as actual teeth. To restore your smile, we also provide partial dentures and bridges.

Many patients are not educated on how teeth work as a team and the importance of good oral hygiene. Teeth have specific functions and purposes and are designed to work together. When one tooth is missing the chewing forces are not evenly distributed. Therefore, more work is required of the remaining teeth. As the teeth shift and migrate the chewing pattern is altered and more stress is placed on the remaining teeth. Headaches can be caused by the chewing pattern imbalance.

Dental Implants preserve bone levels and keep teeth from shifting.

Now the teeth are shifting and the result is an unsightly smile. The shifted teeth are more prone to periodontal disease and cavities. Dental implants prevent teeth from shifting. Furthermore, the patient now has a destructive bite that can cause jaw pain, headaches, broken teeth and teeth to rapidly wear.


Still think that replacing teeth is no big deal?

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