Cosmetic Dentistry in Pasadena, TX

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Teeth Whitening in Pasadena, Texas

Teeth Whitening Pasadena TexasThe most common cosmetic procedure done at our office is professional teeth whitening (also called teeth bleaching). This is an amazing way to rejuvenate your smile to a more healthy and youthful look. It is very easy and quick to do at home. Usually optimal whiteness will be achieved in about two weeks. Once you achieve your personal inherent whiteness you stop whitening your teeth because you will be wasting the bleaching gel. The initial whitening process is taking away stains you have built up your entire adult life. Everyone accumulates stain at different rates. Therefore, in about four to six months patients will notice that their teeth are a little darker than their inherent whiteness. Patients will do a maintenance boost of one or two days to remove the stain that has accumulated since they last whitened. Professional teeth whitening is an extremely cost efficient way to make a dramatic improvement to your smile.

Smile Makeover

If you were not blessed with an incredible smile or you would like to have a better overall smile Dr. Nugent can help. Dr. Nugent can perform a complete smile makeover and give you your dream smile.

You smile can change entire well being. After this case the patient’s entire personality was uplifted. She smiles more and has has a huge boost to her self-esteem.

Cosmetic Dentist Pasadena Texas

The Patient below is an executive with a Gas and Oil business. He was embarrassed of his smile and had trained himself to hide his teeth when he smiles. Dr. Nugent did a complete smile makeover on the patient. Now he just needs to relearn how to smile.

Dental Veneers

Veneers are custom laboratory made porcelain facings that can dramatically produce an incredible smile. Veneers can correct space and teeth alignment problems. Also, veneers can cover and protect worn teeth. Veneers allow Dr. Nugent to complete a smile makeover by creating a bright, white smile with brilliantly aligned and harmonious shaped teeth.

A cosmetic consultation allows you and Dr. Nugent to discuss and evaluate what you want changed in your smile. To schedule a cosmetic consultation call our office at 713-941-8261.

Cosmetic Dentistry Pasadena Texas

Cosmetic Dentistry Pasadena TX

Cosmetic Dentist Pasadena Texas

Get the best in dental care for you and your family. See why Dr. Nugent has become the leading smile makeover dentist in Pasadena and the surrounding area.