Advanced Dental Technology

Dental Technology in Dr. Nugent’s Pasadena Texas Dental Office:

Dr. Nugent is really good at teeth. Dentistry is not only his job but it is his passion. Dr. Nugent’s idea on technology is simple.

“I have the technology in my office that I would want if I was the patient” – Michael Nugent



No more old fashioned dentistry and waiting 2-3 weeks for your crown. Dr. Nugent can make your crown all in one visit. No more messy gagging impression material. No more wearing a plastic temporary crown. Get everything done in one visit. The CEREC machine uses a camera to take an optical impression of your mouth and recreates your mouth on the computer screen. Then Dr. Nugent makes the crown on the computer. Lastly, the information for the new crown is sent to a milling machine where your new crown is milled out of a block of porcelain.

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Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays offer numerous benefits over old fashioned x-rays. These benefits include: 1) digital is faster 2) less radiation is used for digital 3) digital is better environmentally because there are no toxic chemicals 4) digital images can be enriched on the computer to give more accurate and diagnostic images 5) digital images are easily emailed and shared.

Digital Dental X-rays

Piezotome Cube

Our practice uses Piezotome™ CUBE is a brand-new ultrasonic device that provides superior, minimally invasive, compassionate care when performing extractions and other pre-implant bone surgery procedures. The high frequency, ultrasonic vibrations of the CUBE only cuts bone and will not damage soft tissue, so it is very effective. Patients experience less trauma, less pain and less swelling post operatively with CUBE as compared to other methods such as a bur or manual forceps.

The major advantages of this technology include high precision, increases ease and safety of bone cutting, less trauma to soft tissue, preservation of neurological and vascular structures, reduced hemorrhage, minimal thermal damage to the bone, as well as overall improvement of healing.

For Dr. Nugent: Fast and less invasive protocol for tooth extraction. Plus, huge safety factor as the Cube cannot cut soft tissue.

For Patients: Safest extraction possible.


Piezo Oral Surgery


Cone Beam 3D X-rays

Pasadena Texas ConeBeam XrayDr. Nugent believes in having the most advanced dental technology for his patients. Thus, Dr. Nugent has the Galileos 3D machine. The Galileos 3D is the latest technology used by oral surgeons, Dental implantologists and advanced general dentists. This technology allows Dr. Nugent to take a high quality 3D panoramic image of the teeth, jaw, skull and face using the lowest possible dose of radiation. It not only allows Dr. Nugent to provide superior diagnostics and treatment, but it is more comfortable for patients. Furthermore, the Gailileos and CEREC can merge data to create hard and soft tissue models.

Advanced Dental Implants
Nugent 3D implant printer

3-D Printer

Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implant treatment. He leverages technology to deliver the best dental care possible. Using the 3D x-ray and impressions, Dr. Nugent can use advanced computer software to create a surgical guide. Then he uses a 3D printer to create the surgical guide. The guide allows Dr. Nugent to perform his implant surgeries, faster, safer, more accurately and with less patient discomfort post surgery.

Dental Implant Surgical Guide

IntraOral Camera

Dr. Nugent likes to take pictures of your teeth to show you and educate you.  Intraoral photos help us to see what’s going on in those hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Using a digital camera, we can get an up-close look at those areas. These images can be seen instantly, so Dr. Nugent, can make treatment recommendations based on the information from the intraoral photos. In addition, we can show you the state of your oral health with these images. The intraoral photos are digital files and can be shared with other dentists and doctors. With advanced camera technology you get to see what Dr. Nugent sees. No more “I’ll take your word for it Doc”. You, the patient get to see high quality pictures of the condition of your teeth and gum tissue.

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Dental Loupes with Light

Dentistry deals with tenths of millimeters. Dr. Nugent and his hygienists wear dental loupes with lights. This allows the clinicians to have better visualization of your teeth and gum tissue. You can’t treat what you can’t see.

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Laser Cavity Detection

All cavities start small. To aid in the discovery of small cavities Dr. Nugent used the Diagnodent Laser. This laser is quick, painless and gives a numerical reading of the hardness of the enamel. Better detection of cavities is vital for your health.

Laser Dentist

Advanced Oral Cancer Detection

VelscopeNugentThe survival rate of oral cancer is not very good. This is because oral cancer is usually discovered in latter stages. For better patient oral cancer screenings, Dr. Nugent uses the Velscope. This device shines an extremely bright blue light into the mouth. The light penetrates the tissue and bounces back. Looking through a filter on the backside Dr. Nugent can look for any anomalies.

Oral Cancer Pasadena Texas