All-on-Four Dental Implants in Pasadena, TX

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All on Four Implants in Pasadena

Dentist Pasadena TexasThe All-on-Four Dental Implant technique was developed in Europe in the mid 1990s. It was developed to provide patients who were missing all their teeth an efficient and successful solution to dentures. The All-on-Four technique uses a minimum of four implants to hold immediately placed fixed prosthetic teeth. The All-on-Four has long term published studies that show 97 to 100% success rate. Four dental implants are the minimum. However, Dr. Nugent and his Oral Surgeons like to place five to six implants when possible for a more robust foundation. Because Dr. Nugent and his Oral Surgeons do not spend tens of thousands of dollars each month on magazine, infomercials, television commercials and radio advertisements, Dr. Nugent can offer more implants for increased stability and function at lower overall costs.



Patients no longer must live with the awful effects of wearing traditional (outdated) dentures. The problems associated with old fashioned dentures are overcome with the implementation of dental implants.

Dentures Pasadena TexasProblems with Traditional Dentures

  • Loose dentures
  • Embarrassment of dentures moving during conversations, laughing and smiling
  • Inability to eat desired foods
  • Hassle of taking the dentures out at night
  • Sore spots on the gum tissue
  • Loss of bone
  • Extreme decline of chewing force
  • Altered taste of foods
  • Bulky acrylic plastic
  • Messy adhesives


These negatives of traditional dentures can be overcome
with the All-on-Four dental implant technique.
All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Benefits of the All-on-Four Dental Implant Technique:

  • Patient receives a brand new smile in just one day.
  • Final restoration is fixed and does not come out.
  • The angled back dental implants avoid anatomical structures. The dental implants have more surface area contact with bone resulting in a more secure bone integration.
  • Angled back dental implants help eliminate the requirement of bone grafts.
  • Front dental implants are placed in better quality bone and offer improved support by decreasing cantilevers.
  • Entire procedure can be done in a day, even with full mouth extractions. Patient leaves with a full set of teeth.
  • Minimal recovery time.
  • Teeth do not rest on the gum, thus no sore spots, easy maintenance and easy to keep clean.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Eliminates frustration of bulky removable dentures.
  • Restores a youthful appearance and fills out facial contours.

Pasadena Texas all-on-4

How are All-on-Four dental implants different from regular dentures?

Outdated denture techniques have the patient take the dentures in and out daily. These outdated dentures rest and rub on the gum tissue causing sore spots. With the All-on-Four Dental Implant System the patient has a permanent set of teeth that look and feel natural and do not come out and do not rest on the gum tissue.

The All-on-4 dental implants are superior to plain dentures in that:

  • All-on-4 dental implants act like permanent teeth. They do not come out and are brushed and cleaned just like natural teeth. The dental implants stimulate bone and prevent bone loss.
  • There is no need for unpleasant, sticky, gooey dental adhesive.
  • With the All-on-4 dental implant system, there is no pressing on or rubbing of the gum tissue. Therefore, no sore spots.
  • The All-on-4 dental implant system allows you to eat normal foods as bite force is greatly increased. Also, All-on-4 technique does not cover the palate, so no alteration of taste occurs.

Superior imaging helps us determine the optimal positioning of your implants. In your treatment planning we will utilized advanced 3D imaging techniques to facilitate the most favorable dental implant positions.

All on Four Dental Implants Deer Park Texas

The All-on-Four dental implant technique is the most advanced way to restore a patient to full function and looks when that patient is missing all their teeth or about to lose all their teeth. Dr. Nugent also has other implant denture solutions available.



Call the office at 713-941-8261 to make an appointment for a consultation on the All-on-Four technique.

Other options for missing teeth include: Implant Dentures and Conus Dentures


All on Four Dental Implants Pasdena, Texas

What is the difference between the all-on-four technique versus a denture?

The all-on-four dental implant restoration creates natural looking teeth that are firmly fixed into place. Chewing forces are much greater in all-on-four restorations. Outdated dentures do not preserve bone and must be taken out every day. The all-on-four dental implant technique preserves jaw bone and facial contours.

My old denture digs and cuts into my gum tissue. Will my new all-on-four implant teeth be uncomfortable?

With the all-on-four dental implant solution, the teeth will not press on the gum tissue. This is one of the great advantages of the all-on-four technique. The implant teeth will be fixed in place (teeth will not come out) and the implant teeth will not move or slip. The restoration is slightly above the gum tissue and is supported by the implants, not the gum tissue. This space is completely hidden by the lips. Dr. Nugent and his team evaluate smile lines and lip contour to make sure the space is not visible.

I’ve heard my friend talk about “bone grafting” when they got implants, will the all-on-four technique involve bone grafting?

Another advantage of the all-on-four dental implant technique is that due to the angulations of the implants, bone grafting procedures are almost always eliminated. This does away with additional surgeries, recovery time and cost.

How long does the all-on-four dental implant procedure take?

The patient will have one or two pre-operation visits with Dr. Nugent to go over X-rays, impressions , and pictures. The patient will be able to select the color and shape of their new teeth. Then on the day of the surgery any teeth that need to be removed are extracted, the implants and new teeth are placed and the patient leaves with a beautiful new smile. The teeth you receive on the day of your surgery are temporary and made out of acrylic. The acrylic teeth place less strain on the healing implants. You will still be able eat, talk and laugh with the temporary teeth. After several months, you will return and a new set of impressions are taking so that new permanent set of teeth with titanium reinforcements is made. This added strength helps ensure that the new beautiful teeth last for decades.