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Traditional (outdated) dentures have been around forever. The Etruscans of Northern Italy made dentures out of human and animal teeth in 700 BC. As early as 1538, the Japanese were making dentures out of wood. The first porcelain dentures were made in 1770 in Britain. These all used the same principle of fake teeth resting on gum tissue.

Patients deserve the most advanced denture solutions, not old outdated techniques.

The problems with traditional (outdated) dentures include:

  • Traditional dentures can slip and even fall out during conversations and eating
  • Traditional dentures do not preserve bone levels
  • Traditional dentures rub on gum tissue causing sore spots
  • Traditional dentures often need messy dental adhesives
  • Traditional dentures are bulky and have greatly diminished chewing force

Dental Implant Dentures Pasadena, Deer Park Texas

Problems of traditional (outdated) dentures can be overcome with dental implants.

Two types of dentures that utilize dental implants are implant retained dentures and implant supported dentures. Implant retained dentures utilize implants and gum tissue for support. Implant retained dentures are the most affordable entry level implant denture solution because it utilizes implants and the patient’s gum tissue for stability. Implant supported dentures are supported by and rest on multiple implants. Implant supported dentures employ more implants than implant retained dentures.

Bone loss after tooth removal is ten times greater in the first year than subsequent years. For multiple extractions, typically four millimeters of bone loss occurs during the first six months. Therefore, instead of waiting until the patient has lost significant levels of bone, Dr. Nugent recommends placement of the dental implants before the bone is lost. Dental implants will stimulate and preserve bone levels.

Bone loss after tooth loss. This bone loss will eventually change the contour of your face to a more “elderly” appearance.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Dental implants “snap” onto the implants for a secure and stable fit.


The Advantages of Implant Dentures versus Conventional (outdated) Dentures:

Implant dentures greatly improve self-confidence and self-esteem.

Implant dentures are secure and do not move. Patients feel more confident in public because they do not have to worry about their dentures slipping or falling out. The implant denture is secure so no clicking sounds during speech that conventional (outdated) denture wearers can have. The self-confidence to laugh and smile knowing the natural looking implant dentures are stable and secure.


Implant dentures enhance patient comfort.

Implant dentures do not slip or move thus they are more comfortable. If enough implants are used then the upper denture can be made without a bulky palate. Also, getting rid of the bulky palate allows for more natural feel of the mouth. Implant dentures do not need the messy dental adhesives. The less plastic used, the more comfortable the denture.

Implant Dentures allow for better tasting foods.

Many traditional (outdated) denture wearers state that foods lack their normal flavor because of the bulk of plastic in the upper palate. Implant dentures can be fabricated where there is no bulky plastic covering the roof of the mouth. Not having the bulky palate allows for better sensation of taste and allows the patient to enjoy the foods they love.

Dental Implants allow you to eat the foods you love

Implant dentures improve the look and appearance of patients.

By using less bulky plastic, implant dentures look more natural. Patients that have traditional (outdated) dentures experience severe bone loss over time. This bone loss causes the jaw bone to dwindle and create a gaunt and hollow appearance in the face. Because dental implants stimulate bone, implant dentures minimize the bone loss associated with missing teeth and maintain facial contours.

Implant Dentures have increased chewing efficiency.

Traditional (outdated) denture wearers exhibit greatly diminished chewing forces due to the instability of the denture. Many report they are limited in the foods they eat. Implant denture wearers are able to confidentially eat the foods they enjoy because the implant denture is secure.

Implants dentures stimulate bone.

The old saying ‘if you don’t use it you lose it” applies to the bone levels in the mouth. The forces of chewing exert a force onto the teeth which in turn transmits the force to the bone. The bone is stimulated. When one loses their teeth, the lack of stimulation leads to substantial bone loss. Traditional (outdated) dentures do not transmit chewing forces to the bone, so bone loss continues to occur. However, the implants in implant dentures stimulate and preserve the bone.

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When one evaluates the cost of implant dentures, the patient must consider the significant long term savings

of implant dentures over traditional (outdated) dentures.

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Get high quality implant dentures instead of cheap dentures.

Dentures Pasadena TexasMajor Problems with Old Fashioned Dentures

Old fashioned dentures do nothing to preserve and maintain bone levels. On the contrary, dentures accelerate bone loss.  Old fashioned dentures can look like natural teeth but in no way function like natural teeth.

  • Many patients feel like their social life is significantly altered. They worry about kissing and romantic situation. This fear is greatly magnified if the new friend is unaware about dental handicap.
  • In one study, Eighty-eight percent of patients with complete dentures state that they have some difficulty with speech. Patients also report that their dentures are not stable.  Patients resort to using denture adhesives. They accept the objectionable taste, inconsistent fit of the denture, recurring cost, need for continued applications, and mess of denture adhesives all for the minimal increased retention of the denture.
  • The movement of dentures is uncomfortable. The denture merely rests on the gum tissue. The movement of the dentures rubs sore spots on the gum tissue.
  • Patients are always worrying about their denture falling out during speech, laughter or eating. This worrying makes very difficult. The denture is not effective in chewing and the patient is worrying about the denture falling out.

Dental Implant Denture

The lack of stability and retention along with the psychological risk of embarrassment makes old fashioned dentures a poor treatment choice. Dr. Nugent can use Dental Implant Dentures to elevate the problems of old fashioned dentures. The Dental Implant dentures are “locked” into place with the help of dental implants. The implant dentures are secure and stable. The implant dentures do not move and will not fall out during talking, laughing or eating. Experience what modern dentistry can do for you.

Dental Implant Dentures “snap” onto the dental implants. The dental implants provide a stable and secure foundation for the denture. Dental Implant Dentures provide patients with the ability to eat and laugh again. Dental implants are the future of dentistry. At Dr. Nugent’s Pasadena Texas dental office, the future is now.

Dental Implant Dentures Deer Park Texas

There are a few key reasons why Traditional Old Fashioned Dentures often don’t provide the comfort and function that people want:
  • Lack of stability – Dentures rely on the shape of the gums and suction to stay in place. As gums change shape, dentures become loose and uncomfortable. Adhesives provide only temporary help.
  • Bone loss – Missing teeth leads to jawbone deterioration over time. As bone volume decreases, dentures loose their stability and fit. This gets worse over the years.
  • Difficulty eating – Food can get stuck under loose dentures and certain foods like meat or apples become off-limits. People resort to soft, nutritionally inadequate diets.
  • Speech problems – Some consonant sounds are difficult with loose dentures. People end up slurring or mumbling with them in.
  • Pain and sores – Dislodged dentures rub against gums, causing irritation, sores and pain. Ill-fitting dentures are quite uncomfortable.
  • Lack of durability – The acrylic material of dentures can stain, crack or warp over time. They require frequent repairs and replacement every 5-10 years.
  • Confidence issues – Some people feel embarrassed about having false teeth and struggle with self-image. Loose dentures only make this worse.
  • Anatomical challenges – The upper jaw shape and thin nasal floor provide little support for upper dentures, so they are less stable.
In summary, conventional dentures don’t feel natural, slip around, cause discomfort, make eating challenging, and need frequent replacement. Advances like implant-supported dentures help address some of these issues for a better fit and function. Get the best dentures possible with dental implant dentures.

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