CEREC Crowns in Pasadena

Same Day Crowns in Pasadena, Texas

In a perfect world, everyone would have a perfect lifelong set of healthy teeth. Unfortunately, disease, trauma, and other factors make this impossible. Dr. Nugent utilizes the latest advancements in dental technology to restore your smile.

A Dental Crown is used to replace large missing tooth structure with a very strong porcelain. A crown can even improve the cosmetics of the tooth. There are many benefits of a crown. However, the downside is that a crown can take multiple visits. Until now!

Dr. Nugent values your time. In the past, a crown took at least two appointments. The appointments were often three weeks apart and the patient has to wear a plastic temporary crown. The patient had to take messy gagging impression. Not any more! Dr. Nugent is one of the few dentists that have invested in state of the art same day crowns.  Thanks to technology, same appointment crowns are possible!

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What is CEREC?

CEREC is an innovative technology that allows Dr. Nugent to design, create and fit a new crown in a single visit. The CEREC system consists of an digital camera (to get digital impressions of our teeth), a computer with 3-D imaging software (your new tooth is designed on the computer) , and a milling unit (where the crown is actually cut out of a piece of porcelain) with diamond burrs for quick, precise, and highly detailed accuracy.

The Benefits of CEREC?

There are numerous advantages to CEREC restorations over conventional laboratory-made restorations:

  1. Single-Appointment Dental Visits – With CEREC, you only need to come to our Pasadena, Texas office one time. In the past, patients had to come to the office at least two times.
  2. No Plastic Temporary Restorations – Old Fashioned restoration procedures required you to wear plastic temporary restorations while a laboratory created your crown. Temporary restorations can fall off, are difficult to chew on and can cause other problems. Same appointment CEREC crowns eliminate this inconvenience.
  3. Complete Control by Dr. Nugent – Since the crown is designed and fabricated from start to finish by Dr. Nugent, he has complete control over how it will look and fit. By contrast, an old fashioned crown is made in a laboratory under the control of a technician who must rely upon impressions and a written prescription.
  4. Superior Materials – CEREC uses strong, tooth-colored ceramic materials. This makes it possible to restore your teeth to their natural strength, function and beauty. CEREC restorations contain no metal! Beautiful life like crowns are now possible with this advanced technique.

CEREC Dental Crown Pasadena Texas

Describe The CEREC Procedure? 

Pasadena Texas Cerec DentistDr. Nugent will prepare your tooth using traditional methods. However, instead of taking a conventional messy gagging impression, he will take a digital picture using the CEREC camera.

Using CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology, the digital impression is converted into a 3-D virtual model of your tooth. Dr. Nugent will design your new crown on the computer. Next, the data is sent to the CEREC milling unit where it begins to make your crown. You will watch the milling machine start with a block of porcelain and makes your new crown. The crown is tried in to verify fit. Then the crown in placed in an oven at 1500 degrees. The baking will significantly increase the strength of the porcelain. Once the crown is taken out of the oven it is allowed to cool. Now Dr. Nugent will cement your new crown into place.

You are all done! No messy impressions, no temporary dental crowns, no multiple appointments. Advanced crown making technology makes more efficient time of your time at the dental offic.

CEREC Crowns