We Are A Different Type of Dental Office

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Experience the Difference of Award Winning Dentistry in Pasadena, Texas

  • Have you ever visited a dental office unsure of which dentist you will see that day?
  • Are you tired of your dentist not knowing you by name?
  • Does your dentist only offer basic services like cleanings and cavity fillings?

None of these problems is a problem at our office. We are a privately-owned practice, not a subsidiary of some Mega Corporate Dental Chain. Dr. Nugent and his team know and care for each of their patients, and you will experience individual attention with short wait times.

We also offer custom dentistry to fit your specific needs. Lost a tooth and need a permanent dental implant? We have you covered. Need a white filling that won’t be obvious to everyone? We can do that. Are you not satisfied with your tooth color and wish they were brighter? No problem at all.

Our entire office team is devoted to serving you, making you feel welcome and relaxed while delivering the very best dental care.

When fixing a dental issue, experience is vital to a successful outcome. Our office offers patients an abundance of experience treating all types of dental problems and helping patients achieve optimal oral hygiene and dental health. Did you know Dr. Nugent is a regional leader in Cosmetic, Implant and Sedation Dentistry

  • We are dedicated to making every visit to our dental office a pleasurable experience.
  • Our entire office is here to listen to you and answer your questions.
  • We do not give you condescending lectures.
  • We do not have a high-pressure sales environment, we simply let you know how we can help you.
  • You’ll look forward to each and every dental visit with us!