Where Doctors Go

Where Doctors go to the Dentist

1. It’s great to see so many people in the health care field. My office sees Nurses, Dermatologist, Radiologists, Surgeons, Cardiologists, Phlebotomists, X-ray Techs and many more. Basically we see almost the full spectrum of professionals in the medical field.

2. It’s a HUGE compliment to my office when patients are in Dentistry and come to my office. I have patients that are Dentists, Hygienists, Front Desk , Dental Assistants, Orthodontists and Oral Surgeons. The professionals are in the dental field and choose to come to my office. A lot of these patients could be treated at the dental office they work at for free but would rather come to my office.

3. I feel the greatest compliment and best testament to my dental office is when Dental Specialists send their families to me. Dental Specialist get to see ALL the work of General Dentists in the area. Therefore, they know the type and quality of work the General Dentists are producing. When the Dental Specialists send me their family members that is a MASSIVE endorsement for my office.

This gentleman lives in The Woodlands and his son is an Endodontist (Dentist that specializes in root canals) in Spring. He broke a tooth and went to his Son. The Endodontist looked online and made phone calls and decided his Dad must drive down to Pasadena so I could fix the broken tooth. I was able to do a CEREC same day crown and fix the broken tooth.

Cerec Same Day Crown Pasaena Texas

Patient watching the Crown being made.

Drives to Best Dentist in Pasadena Texas

Patient likes my office so much he is now driving down from The Woodlands to get his teeth cleaned!

This patient is the Father of a local Orthodontist. He fractured some teeth and needed dental implants. This was a very technical case and there was a lot of added stress because I was working on the Father of a local Orthodontist. This Orthodontist refers a lot of patients to my office because she trusts me with her patients.

Dental Implants Pasadena Texas

Best Dentist Pasadena Texas


I am very excited about my dental office and the fact that we have become the go to dental office in Pasadena for patients in Medicine and Dentistry. However, don’t get intimidated and think my office is pretentious. We are known for our laid back and warm atmosphere.  We see the entire spectrum of Pasadena and surrounding area residents. We treat students, Housewives, bankers, waiters,  teachers, police, plant workers and everything in-between.