Dental Exam in Pasadena

Pasadena Texas Dentist:

The dental exam is arguably the most important visit at our dental office. It is at this appointment that you will have x-rays, CBCT 3D x-rays, and pictures taken. Dr. Nugent will then check each tooth for any problems. Existing dental work will be evaluated to make sure it is in good working order. Next, your gum tissue will be measured. This is vital to determining the health of the gum tissue. Two different oral cancer screenings will take place. Lastly, Dr. Nugent will evaluate and classify your bite.

Basically, the dental exam is a fact-finding mission to give Dr. Nugent all the diagnostic information so that he can give recommendations on your dental needs. This is a very detailed dental visit.

  1. Taking and interpreting x-rays: This is essential to detect cavities, bone loss, tumors, cysts Child Dentist Pasdena Texasand developmental anomalies.

  2. Periodontal (gum) Tissue examination: Check and monitor the gum tissue and bone levels for any signs of gum tissue disease

  3. Check for tooth decay: Teeth will be examined for decay with special instruments. Dr. Nugent also uses a cavity detecting laser to help verify cavities.

  4. Check existing restorations: Examine current fillings, crown, bridges…etc.

  5. Oral Cancer screening: Dr. Nugent or the hygienist will check for lumps, red or white patches or recurring sore areas. Screening for early changes in the oral tissue can help discover suspicious lesions sooner. When found early, oral cancers have an 80 to 90 % survival rate.

  6. You see what we see: Dr. Nugent uses advanced intra-oral cameras to take pictures of your teeth and gum tissue. Dr. Nugent will print out color pictures so you can see exactly what he sees and you and Dr. Nugent working as a team can discuss areas of concern.

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