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Dental Implants Can Help With Missing Teeth

The candid truth is that missing teeth are affecting you.

la porte tx dental implantMost people will not walk around with a missing front tooth. However, back teeth are often a different story. Patients try to kid themselves into thinking “it doesn’t show”, “nobody sees it” or “that it isn’t that noticeable”. If you are really honest with yourself, or have the guts to ask a friend for an honest opinion, you will realize that missing teeth are visible and negatively influence your life.

Still not convinced that missing teeth are affecting your life?  Then answer these questions.

  • Do you move your lips a certain way so no one can see your “hole?”
  • Do you turn your head away from people ever so slightly to try to hide your missing tooth?
  • Do you cover your smile while you laugh?
  • Do you confine and limit your smile at the funniest moments?
  • Have you avoided social situations because of the embarrassment of missing teeth?

If you answered yes then it is time to take control of your life and smile by calling Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Michael Nugent.

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Teeth not replaced can cause problems with your bite and gum tissue. Teeth will “collapse” into the missing tooth space causing multiple problems.

Teeth Shift after Teeth are lost

Dental implants prevent teeth from shifting.

Dental Implants prevent teeth from shifting


Tooth Loss Leads to Increased Periodontal Disease and Decay


Dental Implant Advantages

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants mimic the anatomy of natural teeth. The implant tooth is anchored into the jaw bone just like a natural tooth root. The new restored implant tooth comes out of the gum tissue to replicate a natural tooth. Patients can eat, smile, laugh and talk with confidence because their dental implant looks, functions and feels just like a natural tooth. For old fashioned bridges, natural teeth must be irreversibly cut down to hold the bridge. Dental implants do not damage adjacent teeth.

Dental Implants in Pasadena Texas


Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss:

When teeth are lost the jaw bone starts to shrink away because the jaw bone is no longer needed to support the lost tooth. The most rapid bone loss happens in the first year of tooth loss. However, the bone loss continues forever. The only way to stop the constant bone loss is to place a dental implant. Chewing forces are transmitted down the dental implant into the jaw bone. These forces stimulate the jaw bone and the bone stay healthy and strong. No other tooth replacement option will preserve bone. Another major advantage of dental implants is that dental implants will never get decay. Dental implants are the ONLY way to prevent bone loss after tooth loss.

Bone loss after Tooth Extraction

To take charge and take responsibility of your life and health, call Dr. Nugent’s Pasadena Texas dental office at 713-941-8261. Schedule a dental implant consultation. It is time you take charge to not only improve your smile but your overall health.

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Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental implants. In his Pasadena dental office he sees patients from all the surrounding cities like: Deer Park, La Porte, Friendswood, League City, Pearland and Houston. A great deal of Dr. Nugent’s practice is focused on dental implants. Getting your dental implant from an experienced dentist like Dr. Nugent is critical for long term success of the dental implant.

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