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The goal of scaling and root planning (SRP) is to remove the pathology that is initiating the inflammation to the gingival (gum) tissue and surrounding jaw bone.  Common factors removed by this periodontal treatment include dental plaque, bacteria, toxins, pus and calculus. This non-surgical procedure decontaminates the teeth and gum tissues thus allowing the teeth, gum tissue and bone to a health state.


Why scaling and root planning is necessary:


  • Disease prevention – The bacteria that cause periodontal disease can travel via the bloodstream to other parts of the body.  Studies show that lung infections and heart disease have been linked to periodontal bacteria.  Scaling and root planing eliminates bacteria and stops periodontal disease from advancing. The reduction of bacteria helps to prevent bacteria from traveling to other parts of the body.


  • Safeguarding Teeth – Normal tooth brushing allows the tooth brush bristles to swipe away food and bacteria. The tooth brush bristles can reach 3 millimeters underneath the gum tissue. However, when gum pockets surpass 3mm in depth, there is a huge risk of periodontal disease. Gum tissue pockets of 4 mm or greater allow bacteria to grow and reproduce unchecked. Thus, the bacterial waste (toxins) cause a chronic inflammatory response by the body. The gum tissue and bone tissue that supports the teeth is lost and the teeth become mobile. Periodontal disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in the developed world. This is confirmed what Dr. Nugent sees in his practice. More teeth are extracted due to gum disease than due to cavities.


  • Cosmetic appeal – Scaling and root planing helps to remove tartar and plaque from the teeth and below the gum line.  Furthermore, superficial stains present on the teeth will be removed in the process of the scaling and root planning.


  • Fresher breath – A very common signs of periodontal disease is halitosis (bad breath). Bacteria release sulfur waste products. Food particles trapped in the tissue add to bad breath. The goals of scaling and root planning is to eliminate harmful stimuli from the gum tissue. When the gum tissue can return to a health state the patient can keep the gum pockets clean and bacteria free.


Periodontal Disease Pasadena Texas

Scaling and root planning (deep cleaning) treatments:


Scaling and root planing therapy is only performed after a thorough periodontal (gum tissue) examination of the mouth. Dr. Nugent or your hygienist will use a special ruler to actually measure the pockets in six different areas of each tooth. Dr. Nugent will use the periodontal measurements, x-rays, and visual examination to and make a diagnosis before recommending any treatment.

Depending on the existing health of the gums, the amount of calculus (tartar) present, the depth of the pockets and the severity of the periodontal disease, local anesthetic may be used.

It is important to note that a “regular teeth cleaning” is a cleaning on healthy teeth and gum tissue ABOVE the gum line. Scaling and Root Planing (deep cleaning) involves cleaning BELOW the gum line on diseased teeth and gum tissue.

Regular Teeth Cleaning


Scaling – This is performed with special dental instruments and may incorporate an ultrasonic scaling tool.  The scaling removes calculus and plaque from the tooth and root surfaces

Root Planing – This treatment removes cementum and surface dentin on the tooth root that is embedded with unwanted microorganisms, toxins and calculus.  The root of the tooth is smoothed in order to promote good healing. Having clean, smooth root surfaces helps prevent bacteria and calculus from attaching to the tooth.

Following these deep cleaning procedures, your hygienist will use a laser to help sterilize the gum tissue. Plus, the laser energy helps to stimulate the growth of healthy gum tissue. The goal of the deep cleaning processes it to remove irritants and to help the gum tissues heal quickly.

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