Xylitol: The Tooth Friendly Sweetener

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Pasadena Texas Family Dentist Dr. Nugent:

Xylitol is a white crystalline substance that looks and taste like sugar. It is found naturally and can be extracted from birch, raspberries, plums, corn and mushrooms. Technically it is not a sugar but a sugar alcohol that is sometimes called wood sugar or birch sugar. Our bodies produce up to 15mg everyday as part of normal metabolism.The great benefit of Xylitol in preventing tooth decay was “discovered” in Finland in the early 1970’s. Streptococcus Mutans, bacteria found in the mouth, produces toxins and acids that can dissolve teeth when foods with refined sugar [sucrose] are eaten.
Xylitol is not fermented by oral bacterial, so it cannot cause cavities [caries]. It works its magic on many levels.
  • It inhibits the growth of cavity-producing bacteria S. Mutans and lactobacilli. The number of these acid-producing bacteria may fall as much as 90%
  • It reduces the adhesion of plaque to your teeth
  • It stimulates salivary flow creating a greater buffer capacity against acids and aiding remineralization of your teeth

Ammonia and amino acids are present in greater concentrations in xylitol-containing saliva, raising pH levels and hardening tooth enamel as a result. Use of xylitol has been demonstrated to considerably lower cavities in both high- and low-risk populations.

Xylitol’s Use in Dental Health

Patients who have cavities and tooth decay are advised to use xylitol. Acid deposits from oral germs on people’s teeth cause the two dental problems. People are more prone to tooth decay and cavities when they do not remove food particles and bacteria by brushing and flossing.

By increasing saliva flow, xylitol lowers the risk of tooth decay. The flow of saliva aids in balancing the body’s pH levels and reducing harmful oral germs. Gingivitis, xerostomia, and periodontitis are other disorders brought on by the dangerous bacteria.

Your oral health is protected by xylitol! Products containing xylitol have been found to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth that produce acid by up to 50% by preventing the growth of cavity-causing germs. So let this sweetener protect your teeth from decay and keep your smile healthier!

Furthermore, xylitol reduces the bacteria’s capacity to stick to teeth and form plaque. Once plaque builds up and becomes tartar, brushing and flossing are difficult to eliminate. Effective Tartar removal requires a thorough cleaning from a dentist or hygientist.

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