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Pasadena Texas Family Dentist Dr. Nugent talk about Wisdom Teeth:

Getting Wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage – something almost everyone has to go through during the high school years or early adulthood. But why? What is it about Wisdom teeth that make them such “troublemakers?”

For one thing, Wisdom teeth are often misaligned. They tend to come in at odd angles that interfere with the rest of your teeth. If Wisdom teeth come in too close to your other teeth, they can crowd your teeth, causing damage and increasing the risk of tooth decay. Wisdom teeth can also trap plaque and debris, resulting in cavities and infection.

The other kind of complication that is often seen with Wisdom teeth is when the tooth becomes “impacted” – or permanently stuck within the jawbone or soft tissue of the gum line. Impacted Wisdom teeth can lead to infection, tooth decay and gum disease.

What can be done about Wisdom teeth?

Dr. Nugent will monitor the growth and progress of your Wisdom teeth. This is one of the things that Dr. Nugent looks for on dental X-rays.

Often, your Dr. Nugent will recommend getting your Wisdom teeth removed. It is usually easiest to remove Wisdom teeth before they cause any problems – and it is also easier to remove Wisdom teeth from people while they are young, because the roots of the teeth are not as solidly-entrenched. Wisdom teeth can be removed from older people, but the work to remove the teeth is often more difficult, and it takes longer for the person to heal afterwards.

How are Wisdom teeth removed?

Dr. Nugent has taken out wisdom teeth in patients. However, he is most likely going to refer you to an Oral Surgeon for Wisdom teeth removal. Oral Surgeons are the best at taking out Wisdom teeth.

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There is insufficient space in the upper and lower jaw.
Once upon a time, wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) were essential for chewing and digestion. As humans evolved and began cooking and softening food, the need for third molars diminished significantly. As they lost their function, the average size of the human mandible began to decrease.

This has resulted in an overcrowding of teeth in the mouth, and the third molars serve little purpose if they do not erupt appropriately. By removing their third molars, patients create additional space and can subsequently protect their other teeth from harm. During orthodontic treatment for overcrowded or misaligned teeth, extraction of the wisdom teeth may also be necessary.

The third molars are impacted.
Impacted wisdom teeth may not appear to be a problem because they have not fully erupted from the gums, but they can become extremely problematic. Fully or partially impacted wisdom teeth can begin to grow laterally, causing harm to the second set of molars and pain in the teeth. As they open the gums without ever entirely erupting naturally, partially impacted wisdom teeth may also increase the risk of gum disease and oral infection. Consequently, dentists commonly recommend wisdom tooth extraction to treat symptoms of impacted teeth or to prevent future complications.

They can increase the possibility of oral health issues.
Even if there are no evidence of overcrowding and the teeth are not impacted, dentists may still recommend wisdom tooth extraction to reduce the overall risk of oral health problems. When wisdom teeth have cavities, it is also common for dentists to recommend extraction. The removal of wisdom teeth in a timely manner, prior to the onset of discomforting or problematic symptoms, can save the patient a great deal of stress and aid in the long-term maintenance of optimal oral health.

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