Why Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Best Pasadena Texas DentistWhy Remove Wisdom Teeth?

 Pasadena, Texas Dentist Dr. Nugent explains why wisdom teeth are almost always removed:

By age 18 an average person has 32 teeth – 16 on the top and 16 on the bottom. More times than not, the mouth is only able to fit 28 teeth. Discomfort and infection often occurs when the wisdom teeth try to erupt.

Potential Problems with Wisdom Teeth:

The last sets of teeth to come in are often called “wisdom teeth”. Officially they are called third molars. On the rare occasion when they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, third molars do not cause any problems. However, this is not what usually happens. For most patients third molars erupt misaligned, growing sideways, partially emerged from the gum or impacting other teeth. Frequently, they remain trapped beneath the gum and bone.

The above situations can cause many serious problems. Partial eruption is the main factor in causing infection resulting in swelling, stiffness, pain and illness. The most serious problem occurs when cysts or tumors form around the un-erupted third molars. This, if left unattended, can result in the destruction of the jawbone and surrounding healthy teeth. Removal of the problematic wisdom teeth resolves all problems. In most cases early removal is recommended as a preventative action.


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