Tooth Extraction and Socket Graft

Pasadena Texas Bone Grafting.

The jawbone is designed to hold teeth. When a tooth is lost there is rapid bone loss around the area of the missing tooth. This bone loss is rapid and is very difficult to get back the lost bone volume. This lost bone volume makes future dental implant placement very difficult.

When a tooth is extracted there is a hole (socket). Artificial bone is packed into the socket to preserve the bone volume. The artificial bone is slowly replaced with natural bone.


 Why is it important to replace a missing tooth?

The teeth are designed to work together. When a tooth is lost 1) Teeth shift and tilt 2) Increased chewing forces are placed on the remaining teeth 3) Decreased Self-Esteem due to poor cosmetics 4) Unfortunate Stereotypes of uneducated poor social status.

Socket Graft / Ridge Preservation

When a tooth is lost it is vital to replace the missing tooth. If the replacement is not at the time of extraction then a bone graft procedure must be done to preserve the ridge of jawbone. It is quite simple, the bone graft fills a hole in your skull. It is not good to have extra holes in your skull.

Bone loss after Tooth Extraction

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