Tooth Decay

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Tooth Decay / Cavities

Tooth Decay is still a major problem in America. Dental bacteria, sugar and acid are responsible for creating holes in teeth. Bacteria in your mouth produce acid that will destroy enamel. It takes a pH of 4 or less to dissolve tooth enamel. Diet Coke (pH 3.1) Coke (pH 2.4), Gatorade (pH 2.9), and Pepsi (pH 2.5) are all acidic enough to dissolve teeth.

Dr. Nugent can repair holes in your teeth with cosmetic white fillings or white porcelain crowns.

Causes of Teeth Cavaties

Plaque, a material that adheres to teeth and is sticky, is what causes tooth cavities. Plaque is composed of:

  • bacteria
  • food particles
  • saliva
  • acid

Everyone’s mouth contains bacteria. After consuming sugar-containing meals or beverages, bacteria in your mouth convert the sugar to acid. After consuming anything sugary, plaque begins to build on your teeth. This is why it’s crucial to brush frequently.

Plaque adheres to your teeth, and its acid can gradually wear away tooth enamel. Your teeth’s enamel, a firm, protective coating, guards against tooth decay. The danger of rotting rises as your tooth enamel ages.

Everyone is susceptible to cavities, although some people are more at risk than others. Risk elements consist of:

  • eating and drinking too many sweet or acidic items
  • a bad oral hygiene habit, like not brushing or flossing every day
  • receiving insufficient fluoride
  • mouth ache
  • eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia
  • acid reflux disease

Rear teeth are more likely to develop cavities. These teeth have groves and apertures where food particles might get caught. Additionally, it can be challenging to reach these teeth when cleaning and flossing.

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