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“Bad teeth run in my family.” Dentist Michael Nugent frequently hears this. What it could mean is that patients have bad habits in their family. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. When the bacteria get sugar they produce acid. It is this acid that can literally bore a hole in your tooth. Think of the acid from the Alien movies.

We would all love to keep our teeth so we need to eliminate bacteria, sugar or both. Proper brushing (preferably with a good electric toothbrush), flossing and mouth rinse can help eliminate bacteria. Cutting down on sugar intake is also easy. However, it is not the amount of sugar intake that is vital. It is how long the sugar is in the mouth. Dr. Nugent would rather you ate a pound of candy really fast then snack on the same one pound of candy all day.

Enamel is the hard outer layer of the tooth. The enamel will start to break down at a pH of 5.5 or lower. An often overlooked factor is the sugar and acid content of beverages. Take a look at the shocking numbers below. Keep in mind that 4 grams of sugar equal one tea spoon.

ph levels


Dental decay can happen rapidly at any age. Along with proper diet, brushing and flossing habits, seeing Pasadena Texas Dentist Michael Nugent will help you create a smile to last a lifetime. Call us at 713-941-8261 to schedule your cleaning and exam!


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Dr. Nugent sees patients from Pasadena, Deer Park, La Porte, League City, Friendswood, Clear Lake, Pearland, Webster and Houston Texas. Dr. Nugent has been honored by winning PASADENA TEXAS BEST DENTIST 2010 and PASADENA TEXAS BEST DENTIST 2011. The newspaper only did the Best of Voting those two years.

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