Tooth Colored Filling

silver-or-composite-fillings-150x150White Fillings on Teeth:

Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Nugent uses white fillings (also called composite or resin fillings) at his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office. White fillings are actually boned to your teeth. This allows Dr. Nugent to be much more conservative when removing cavities. Patients love that fact that they do not have to have ugly black fillings. White fillings look and feel natural. So go ahead and smile and laugh, your white fillings will be invisible. Love your new cosmetic white fillings with Dr. Nugent.

When do I require a filling?

The most prevalent treatment for cavities is fillings. In most cases, your dentist will identify cavities during your biannual exam or after taking X-rays; however, you may notice cavities on your own as they can appear as small dark patches on your teeth. Regardless of the extent of your cavities, fillings are typically the most effective treatment option.

What types of fillings are offered?

Composite Resin Fillings (tooth colored): Composite resin can effectively fill cavities and blends flawlessly with your teeth, leaving no dark spots from metal like amalgam fillings do. Composite resin is so versatile that dentists also use it to repair cracks, fill in dental gaps, conceal severe stains, and even alter the shape of teeth. Composite resin is ideal for cavity restorations because it is bonded to the tooth in layers by the dentist. This means that less of the tooth will be removed.