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Pasadena, Texas Family Dentist Dr. Nugent talks about TMJ problems:

More and more people are receiving treatment and assistance from dental offices for their headache issues. These headaches have names like “muscle tension headache,” “nerve pain,” “migraine,”. One common factor is that it that many headache sufferers have one thing in common: they clench or grind their teeth at night.

The majority of medical research has demonstrated that headaches—even in those with traditional migraine headaches—have no physical cause, including no vascular or neurological issues. In reality, their doctor’s examination will not reveal any physical causes for the patient’s pain. Many patients who have had negative CAT scans and MRIs discover that their medications don’t actually solve their problem; instead, they just make them feel drowsy and “drugged out.”

According to study, patients who are able to stop clenching and grinding at night will see a significant reduction in their headache and neck pain. Many people clench their jaws unconsciously so often that, even if they don’t have a headache when they wake up, they will likely have painful teeth, fatigued muscles, and a headache that will start the following day.

Many people try every treatment option available in medicine to reduce their headaches—including several medications, injections, and so forth—without ever considering the possibility that the pain could be muscular in nature. But just like back pain is frequently caused by muscle spasm, headaches of all kinds, including TMJ pain, are frequently brought on by overusing the muscles that close the jaws.

If you or a loved one suffers from persistent headache issues, we advise you to give us a call so we can have a look. It won’t hurt you and could actually make a significant impact in how you live!

We offer first line defense against headaches and TMJ problems with night guards. Call our office to see how we can help.

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