The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry


Sedation Dentistry Deer Park, Texas

Are you one of those people who schedule dental appointment, but never seem to show up for your appointment? If this sounds like you don’t despair. Millions of Americans have severe dental anxiety and fear even thinking about the dentist. Approximately 5 to 10% of Texans avoid going to the dentist. Furthermore, 25% of Texans that do visit the dentist have anxiety during their visit

New dental protocols in sedation dentistry make it possible for more Texans to receive the dental care they need. If you have been avoiding a trip to the dentist because of dental anxiety and fear then you must talk to Dr. Nugent about how sedation dentistry can help you. Dr. Nugent holds multiple special permits from the State of Texas to administer dental sedation in his Pasadena, Texas dental office. Dental sedation can relax, calm, and make your dental visits enjoyable.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of pharmacological agents to help calm and sedate patients so that dental visits are stress and anxiety free. The fear and unease patients have felt in the past can be eliminated with sedation dentistry. The most common sedation technique is the utilization of Nitrous Oxide, also called Laughing Gas. Nitrous Oxide is a wonderful drug because it is easy to use, relaxes the patients, can be adjusted to give less or more gas and its effects do no linger after the appointment.

For more fearful patients and those with severe dental anxiety then oral sedative medication is used in combination with the Nitrous Oxide. Using this sedation protocol, most patients report that they slept through the entire procedure. Patients are not “asleep”. Patients can talk and respond to verbal commands. However, patients are so relaxed and care-free they report the procedure felt like they were sleeping. When using oral sedation the patient must have someone drive them home from their dental appointment.



Another benefit of sedation dentistry is that is can be used when extensive dental work needs to be done. Often times patients want to get all their dental work completed at one time. With dental sedation, the patient does not feel like they have been sitting in the dental chair for house. For the patient, the time just flies by while Sedation Dentist Michael Nugent completes all of their dentistry.


Sedation dentistry is a safe method of making our patients more comfortable. Sedation can alleviate anxiety and anxiousness, particularly during aesthetic or restorative dentistry operations. Dr. Nugent is a leader in dental sedation and has many options available.

Reasons to use sedation dentistry:

  • Have a general aversion to dental work.
  • I’m having difficulty becoming numb.
  • Have severe gag reflex.
  • Have had an unpleasant dental visit before?
  • Are undergoing a more complex dental operation.
  • You want to get a variety of dental procedures done in one sitting.
  • You don’t want to remember the dental appointment.
  • Have teeth that are sensitive.

Nitrous Oxide / Laughing Gas – Because it is inhaled rather than injected, laughing gas is ideal for those who are afraid of needles. Because it is a gas, it can achieve a state of relaxation quickly.

Another advantage of laughing gas is that it leaves the body quickly. Within five minutes of turning off the gas, a patient’s laughing gas levels will be fully gone. This means that patients can drive themselves home following their appointment.

Laughing gas is still the most popular form of sedation available, so please let us know if you believe it will make your dental visit more enjoyable and comfortable.

Oral Conscious Sedation – Oral conscious sedation is taking a pill an hour before your dental operation. Sedatives that are commonly utilized include Valium, Xanax, and Halcion. These drugs significantly reduce your anxiety and help you to remain alert during your session. You won’t recall the appointment, which can be especially beneficial for some patients. Oral conscious sedation might make sitting in the dental chair more comfortable if you need to undergo a lengthy procedure or want to combine many procedures into one appointment. It can also benefit those who have a strong gag reflex.

While oral sedation is safe and effective, we will carefully check your medical history to ensure that it is appropriate for you. Finally, you must bring a friend or family member with you to drive home after the oral sedation.

IV Sedation – IV sedation, sometimes known as “sleep dentistry,” is the most profound form of conscious dental sedation provided by dentists. IV sedation, as the name implies, is the injection of sedative drugs intravenously so that they enter your bloodstream directly. Dr. Nugent utilizes a doctor to come in to perform the IV sedation. That way Dr. Nugent can focus on the dentistry while the other doctor is ensuring a safe sedation.

The majority of persons who use this sedation approach will fall asleep and have no recollection of their therapy. This makes IV sedation suitable for people who are severely anxious or who are enduring lengthy treatments. Patients with medical conditions that make sitting in a dental chair for extended periods of time difficult are also candidates for this type of sedation dentistry.

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