Teeth Problems

Tooth Problems Pasadena TexasHole in a Tooth:

If a piece of your tooth is gone. It doesn’t hurt yet (or does it?), but something is obviously very wrong you must call our office today at 713-941-8261. Don’t let the problem get worse.

Teeth are complex. There is a nerve in the middle of your tooth, and it is surrounded by dentin (the inside part of the tooth) and enamel (outside of the tooth). These are the hardest substances in your body, even harder than your bones! It takes some time for the acid produced from bacteria to eat through your tooth. When the bacteria invade the nerve space then you get an incredible painful tooth ache. This is why it’s important to get a cavity fixed BEFORE it hurts.

If you have had a piece of tooth break off, most likely your tooth has significant structural damage that a filling can’t fix. It likely needs a crown to restore it back to proper chewing strength.

Teeth Sensitive to Cold Water:

Cold sensitivity is something that affects a lot of people. Even I (Dr. Nugent) have some cold sensitivity. I use a de-sensitizer tooth paste daily. Now some cold sensitivity is normal, some isn’t.


Some people just have teeth that feel cold more than others.


Gum recession exposing sensitive roots. This can be treated in several different ways, including sensitive teeth toothpaste, de-sensitizing treatments to the teeth, or a gum graft to cover the exposed roots.

A deep cavity. Often the first sign of a cavity that is getting deep is cold sensitivity. This is usually treated with a filling, but often requires a root canal because the sensitivity is the first indication that the nerve in the tooth is dying.

Excessive tooth wear at the gumline due to tooth grinding. This is usually treated with a filling along the gumline and a nightguard to treat the grinding.


Prevention is one of the most important things in optimal dental health. Regular check ups can discover small problems and thus small fixes. If you have not been to the dentist in a long time, we encourage you to see why our Office has been Voted Best Pasadena Texas Dental Office multiple times.

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