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Teeth in a Day: Dental Implants



I did a “teeth in a day” procedure on my Father, Ronnie Nugent. Dad broke one of his front teeth off at the gum line. The tooth was not hurting so I had him drive from Lubbock down to Pasadena. I evaluated the tooth and the tooth was not fixable. Oral Surgeon Dr. Manuel Diaz extracted the tooth, placed the implant and temporary abutment and crown.





In the X-ray you can see the titanium implant post that was inserted into the bone. The red arrow is pointing to the dental implant.





Here I am checking on my Dad after the oral surgery. Dad had the dental  implant placed with only local anesthesia. The Oral Surgeons will discuss with you if you want just local anesthesia or if you want I.V. Sedation.

So do we look alike or what?






Here is the final crown. Dad has had a lot of dentistry done in his life. You can see amount of dentistry in the above X-ray. I removed the temporary crown and temporary abutment. Then I placed the permanent abutment and crown and Dad has a new tooth. He can floss between implant crown and his other teeth. He can bite normally. A year after the procedure I ask my Dad how he likes his implant crown. He responds “I love my dental implant, I can’t even tell it is a fake tooth. It feels great.”  And that is the typical response I get from all my implant patients.

Dental Implants are the absolute best way to replace missing teeth because dental implants mimic natural teeth.


Dental Implants have been used for over 30 years. The first implants were crude as the science of bone fusing to titanium was in its infancy. Todays dental implants are light years ahead of the first implants. One recent survey showed that 1.5 million dental implants were placed last year. Each year that number will grow because nothing lasts longer or works better at replacing missing teeth than a dental implant. I am passionate about dental implants. I have done implants on my Father, Mother, Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, staff and friends because I wanted them to have the very best dentistry possible.

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Implants are the most effective way to replicate the appearance, sensation, and function of natural teeth. Implants do far more than simply replace missing teeth. They aid in the maintenance and strengthening of bone structure, enable patients to ingest nutritious foods, and give them the confidence to smile. Additionally, they protect existing teeth by preserving bone structure.

Once a patient loses a tooth, a number of things begin to occur that are not immediately noticeable but can have a significant negative impact on their health and appearance. Tooth roots are essential for sustaining the health of the gums and bone structures that surround and support the teeth. Bone loss in the mandible is a significant issue that occurs naturally after tooth loss. This bone loss can compromise the integrity of adjacent tooth roots and dental stability, and it also contributes significantly to the “sunken” appearance of individuals who have lost several or all teeth. It is the reason why denture-wearing patients’ dentures become increasingly difficult to fit and retain over time.

The placement of dental implants can stimulate bone growth in the region surrounding the implant, which not only strengthens the bone and provides support, but also alleviates the sunken appearance that can result from bone loss in the mandible. This process is referred to as osseointegration, and it is a significant advantage of implant placement because it helps prevent future bone loss.

Although having a beautiful smile and the confidence that comes with it is essential, dental implants also have important health benefits. Whether replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth, implants are an essential method for restoring and maintaining dental health.