Teeth Extraction

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Tooth extractions have a bad reputation. Many Pasadena residents refer to something difficult by saying it was, “Like pulling teeth.” However, Dr. Michael Nugent wants you to know that with modern local anesthesia and advanced dental techniques have made tooth extraction simple  with minimal discomfort to the patients. You must still take it easy after the procedure and follow the post surgery guidelines. Patients are back to work or school the very next day. Remember, Pulling Teeth isn’t like Pulling Teeth. Preserving your God given teeth is always a priority at our Pasadena dental office. However, sometimes an extraction is the only option.

Reasons for Teeth Extraction

  • Infection: if one of your teeth has an infection that extends to the pulp and can not be treated with a root canal the removal is the only option.
  • Gum Disease: infections stemming from gum disease destroy the jaw bone and gum tissue. This annihilates the support structures for teeth and the teeth become so loose that extraction is the only option.
  • Trauma: teeth can be so damaged via trauma (falling face down, accidental elbow while playing basketball, car accident) that tooth extraction is the only option.
  • Cracked Teeth: teeth can develop cracks that literally split the tooth and root. When this happens the only option is extraction.
  • Crowding: pulling a tooth is sometimes necessary for orthodontics.

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We hope you never have to have a tooth removed. Our office strives to keep you in perfect dental health. If you need to schedule an appointment call us at 713-941-8261. Our office is located at 3421 Burke Rd, Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.