Teeth Cleanings For Dental Health

Teeth Cleaning Deer Park Texas:

A dental cleaning by a hygienist methodically cleans the teeth. Routine cleanings are an important dental treatment for halting the progression of periodontal disease and gingivitis.

Periodontal disease (gum disease) and gingivitis occur when bacteria from plaque colonize on the gum tissue, either above or below the gum line.

These bacteria colonies release toxic waste products that cause inflammation and irritation. The body responds by being in a chronic inflammatory state. However, the body’s immune system cannot get to the bacteria that are in the mouth. Next, the body begins to systematically destroy bone and gum tissue, making the teeth shift, become unstable, or completely fall out. The pockets between the gums and teeth become deeper and hold more bacteria which can travel via the bloodstream and infect other parts of the body. Periodontal disease is responsible for more lost teeth than decay. Periodontal disease is not painful and unless you are seen by a dental office you may never know you have gum disease.

Periodontal Disease Pasadena Texas

Reasons for Teeth Cleaning:

  • Preventive care – Routine teeth cleaning is an great way to help keep the mouth in good health and also halt the progression of gum disease.
  • Cosmetics – It’s hard to feel great about a smile blemished by yellowing, stained teeth. A great dental cleaning can rid the teeth of unsightly stains.
  • Tartar removal – Tartar (calculus) and plaque buildup can cause severe periodontal disease. Even using the best brushing and flossing homecare techniques, it is impossible to remove all the accumulation of debris, bacteria and tartar from gum pockets.
  • Fresher breath – The removal of plaque, calculus and bacteria noticeably improves breath.

Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.


What does teeth cleaning involve?

  1. Supragingival cleaning (above the gum tissue) – The hygienist will methodically clean the area above the gum line with instruments to rid the teeth of plaque and calculus.
  2. Subgingival cleaning (below the gum tissue) – This is the most important step for patients with periodontal disease because the hygienist is able to remove tartar from below the gum tissue.
  3. Root planning – This is the smoothing of the tooth root by the hygienist to eliminate any remaining bacteria or tartar.
  4. X-ray and examination – Routine X-rays are vital to diagnose problems. Dr. Nugent will evaluate your teeth and review the X-rays.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

Having regular dental cleanings and check-ups are vital for maintaining proper oral health. If you are past due for your dental cleanings call our office at 713-941-8261 or visit us at 3421 Burke Rd Ste A, Pasadena, Texas 77504.