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Calculus removal

It is important to brush and floss your teeth daily. In a perfect world everyone would brush and floss after meals. However, this is not always possible. Brushing twice a day with an electric tooth brush, flossing once and using Listerine is the minimum you need to help keep your mouth healthy.

Periodontal Disease Pasadena Texas

When bacteria start to cling to your teeth it is called “plaque”. This sticky substance allows more bacteria to adhere to your teeth. The bacteria release toxic waste and will inflame the gum tissue. The plaque will quickly for calculus (tartar). The calculus is like a cement that will not come off with regular brushing. Left unchecked this calculus further irritates the gum tissue and bone causing. This irritation causes the loss of gum tissue and bone.  If enough gum tissue and bone is lost the tooth loses its support and falls out.

Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Everyone builds up calculus overtime. Being seen by our Awesome Hygienist will keep your mouth healthy!

Teeth Cleaning


Why do I require a dental hygienist’s services?

The best way to identify any issues with your dental health before they become symptomatic or require treatment is to visit your hygienist on a regular basis.

Your teeth and gums will be expertly cleaned by our Pasadena, Texas hygienists. The hygienist can get to those difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth to deliver a thorough deep clean as even the greatest electric toothbrushes can’t reach every part of your mouth. If hazardous plaque and tartar buildup are removed and not cleaned up, periodontal (gum) disease may result. Your dental hygienist will thoroughly examine your oral health in addition to performing a thorough scale and polish.

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