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Regular Teeth CleaningReasons to get your teeth cleaned.

The best way to prevent gingivitis and give yourself the best chances of having a beautiful smile into your golden years is great oral hygiene and regular teeth cleanings.

Plaque (an accumulation of bacteria) causes of both tooth decay and gum disease. Dental plaque will wreak destruction on your teeth, and it does not do wonders for your gums either.

Preventing cavities and keeping natural adult teeth are the main reasons that people get their teeth cleaned in our office. However, it is not the only reason. Teeth cleaning also known as a dental prophylaxis can work to prevent gingivitis (gum disease), chronic bad breath (halitosis) and noticeable improve your smile many shades of white.

So far we have covered the practical and cosmetic reasons that patients love having their teeth professionally cleaned, and that’s only scratching the surface.

Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss.

Reasons Patients Love To Have Their Teeth Cleaned

Get a beautiful smile…at any age

Having your teeth cleaned can significantly brighten your teeth and improve your gum health, thus improving your dental health. Your hygienist will remove external stain from your teeth.

Furthermore, daily brushing, flossing, and regular cleanings are the most effective means of preventing tooth decay and gum disease.

Cleaning improves your overall health

Decades of research shows that gum disease plays a role in poor cardiovascular health. Furthermore, the harmful oral bacteria and inflammation causing periodontal disease can also worsen serious conditions like diabetes.

On the other hand, good oral health is often associated with better overall physical health. Thus, getting your teeth cleaned and removing dental plaque may reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

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Teeth cleanings ensure early detection

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC), over a quarter of the adult population suffers from untreated tooth decay. Thus, getting into your dental office for a cleaning and checkup is more crucial than ever.

A routine dental prophylaxis (regular cleaning) give the hygienist and dentist a chance to evaluate all your teeth for decay. Also, at our Pasadena, Texas Dental Office we do an Oral Cancer screening at each hygiene visits. This is done at no extra charge to you.

Dental problems get worse as they are ignored and some problems snowball into others. For example, untreated gum disease can affect the health of your teeth and result in widespread tooth loss. A dental cleaning and checkup can keep you on track.

Cleanings are bad breath’s worst enemy!

Chronic bad breath (halitosis) is a problem for millions of Americans. Bad breath can be caused by food getting wedged in between your teeth and rotting. Dental infection and gum disease can also worsen bad breath. Fortunately, these conditions are improved by regular teeth cleanings…are you overdue for a cleaning?

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Generally, professional cleaning will keep patients smiles dazzling throughout the year. Even if you have an excellent oral hygiene routine, it is recommended that you visit your Pasadena, Texas Dental office for professional cleanings throughout the year to prevent cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, and other oral issues.

There are several different types of Dental Cleanings:

Routine cleaning

A routine dental cleaning involves the hygienist removing stains, tartar, and plaque from the teeth. For patients with periodontal disease, our dentist may recommend more frequent dental cleanings.

While maintaining a good oral hygiene routine at home is necessary for a healthy mouth, professional cleanings are essential for preserving your oral health and preventing cavities, periodontal disease, and other conditions.

Deep Cleaning (Scaling and Root Planing)

If you have symptoms such as tartar buildup, plaque under the gums, bleeding gums, sensitive gums, or deep gum pockets, our dentist will recommend a deep cleaning. Your dentist will target these dental issues with the appropriate instruments.

Periodontal re-care

After a procedure such as a Deep Cleaning, Dr. Nugent will recommend periodontal maintenance. Maintenance of your oral health must be ongoing, as periodontal disease and plaque can reappear. In addition, periodontal maintenance involves the removal of tartar and plaque from below and above the gum line, followed by a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth.


The teeth-cleaning procedure is essential for maintaining good oral health overall. Professional teeth cleaning enhances the appearance of your teeth and provides the following benefits:

  • To identify potential health hazards, including oral cancer and gum disease
  • To stop tooth loss and cavities
  • To get rid of foul breath
  • To have a more brilliant and white smile


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