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How Do Cavities Form?

Thee most common dental problems that we address at our Pasadena Dental Office is tooth decay. Tooth decay is also called dental caries. Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. The bacteria feed on the foods we eat. However, the waste product of teeth is acid. Bacteria literally “poop acid” onto your teeth. With repeated attacks the acid can destroy the enamel of teeth.

Dental Plaque:

Plaque is a biofilm that forms on the teeth. Think of plaque as a blanket of bacteria covering your teeth. The accumulation of bacteria into plaque that covers the teeth is the precursor to dental decay. If there is no plaque on your teeth you can’t get decay. In other words, clean teeth don’t get decay.

Prevent Decay with Good Dental Hygiene:

The best ways to prevent cavities is good old-fashioned dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth three times a day and flossing every night. Good cleaning will remove food particles from the teeth, making it more difficult for plaque to form. Furthermore, the bacteria will not have any food particles to eat.


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