Healthy White Smile Pasadena Texas

Teeth Bleaching Pasadena TexasGood oral hygiene is always the first defense for protecting the appearance and health of your teeth. However, even the healthiest teeth can benefit from simple teeth bleaching.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a safe, effective way to gain a brighter, more attractive smile. Natural tooth enamel can become yellowish. Teeth bleaching can lighten and improve the color of your teeth. Teeth staining mostly comes from food, drinks (coffee and tea being the biggest culprits) and smoking. Whitening can give you a brilliant white beautiful smile.

Pasadena, Texas Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Nugent can help you decide how to best take advantage of this popular enhancement. Tooth whitening should be performed in the absence of serious dental problems. The following conditions are not good candidates for bleaching and will be evaluated by Dr. Nugent before teeth bleaching:

  • Significant dental work, especially on your front teeth.
  • Infected or bleeding gums.
  • Tooth decay or mysterious white spots.
  • The presence of a crown or bridge.
  • Sensitive or discolored teeth.

A touch up treatment may be needed once every six to twelve months. This is because your teeth are going to re-stain after you bleach your teeth. The frequency of touch up teeth whitening will depend on the amount of exposure to coffee, tea, wine, strawberries and other fluids or foods that tend to cause significant staining. Additionally, smoking tobacco quickly stains teeth and make frequent treatments necessary.