Why do Teeth Stain?

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Teeth Bleaching (teeth whitening)

Teeth are the hardest part of your body. However, teeth are porous. Anything that can stain a white shirt can stain your teeth.

Tooth discoloration and staining can causes embarrassment and self-consciousness.  Though many causes of tooth discoloration are under your control, some are not.  The following is a short list of some causes and cures:

Coffee stains your teeth. Dr. Nugent can help remove the stain with teeth bleaching.

Drinks: Coffee, tea and red wine will stain teeth. Frequent professional cleanings and teeth whitening trays from Dr. Nugent will reverse these effects.

Smoking /Tobacco:  Smoking and chewing tobacco have a negative effect on tooth color, gum tissue health, and breath.  Smoking and Tobacco products are very devastating to your overall and dental health. The best recommendation is never to start smoking, or to quit if you currently smoke. Talk to Dr. Nugent about smoking cessation. Dr. Nugent can write prescriptions for medication to help you quit smoking.  Periodic dental cleanings and professional tooth whitening will minimize the discoloring effects of smoking.

Dental Restorations: Metal restorations tend to breakdown at the edges (margins) and may reduce the transparency of tooth enamel.  Replacing metal fillings with tooth colored composites or porcelains reverses these effects.  Even tooth-colored restorations stain with time and may need replacement.

Age: It is simple, older teeth have had more time to stain. Also, older teeth can wear down the  tooth enamel  causing teeth to appear more yellow.  Cosmetic porcelain veneers or dental bonding can restore teeth to more a more beautiful and youthful appearance.

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Chemicals and Medications: During the tooth development of a child, certain antibiotics (the big culprit is tetracycline)  or excessive ingestion of fluoride can cause permanent tooth staining.  These stains can not be cleaned or whitened. However,  porcelain veneers can mask the stain and give you a beautiful white smile.

You can keep your teeth white with regular dental cleanings and professional teeth whitening from Dr. Nugent. Teeth bleaching is a super easy procedure that patients do at home. The results are amazing and easy to maintain. Who doesn’t want a more beautiful youthful white smile.

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Dr. Nugent’s dental office is located in Pasadena, Texas. Dr. Nugent offers many cosmetic solutions such as:  professional teeth whitening (teeth bleaching) , porcelain veneers, white fillings, and dental bonding. We encourage you to talk to Dr. Nugent about your cosmetic dentistry concerns and desires. Working with you Dr. Nugent can create the smile of your dreams. Or if you simply want to whiten your teeth then Dr. Nugent can make custom bleaching trays for you.

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