Do you snore?

Sleep Apnea treatment in Pasadena, Texas

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder where your breathing is either shallow or stops while you sleep.  People with sleep apnea may stop breathing several times a night during sleep which delays the flow of oxygen to their brain.   Usually, it is not the person that has sleep apnea that notices they might have sleep apnea. It is the sleeping partner of that person who hears them gasp for breath frequently during the night.

If sleep apnea goes untreated, patients are at risk of suffering from high blood pressure, stroke, irregular heart beats, heart failure,  heart attack, diabetes, and depression.  Dentistry has started to treat sleep apnea patients because most medical doctors have a poor understanding of the mouth. Furthermore, dentists are the best at taking impressions of the mouth to create sleep apnea devices.

Drop your CPAP machine and discover how a dental mouth piece can open up your airways and treat your sleep apnea. Visit the Dental Sleep Medicine for more information about sleep apnea.