Silver or White Teeth Fillings

silver-or-composite-fillingsPasadena Texas Family Dentistry:

There is unfounded controversy about silver (amalgam) fillings vs. tooth color (composite) fillings. Simply put there are pro and cons to both materials. While Dr. Nugent’s office primarily only does white fillings, there are rare situations where a silver filling would work better.

Pro for Silver Fillings:

  • Because of the metal content, amalgam fillings are stout and can withstand heavy biting pressure and primarily used for the back teeth.
  • Saliva does not contaminate the filling. Amalgam can be completed when there is a moisture control problem.

Cons for silver fillings:

  • Amalgam filling material contains mercury and other metals.
  •  Healthy tooth structure must be removed in order to place the silver , thus the tooth is weakened.
  •  No chemical bonding, mechanical retention only.
  •  Patients can experience hot and cold sensitivity after having an amalgam filling.
  • Amalgam fillings need time to set up. Thus, patients need to wait a couple of hours after the filling is placed to eat.

Pros for Tooth Color fillings:

  • The tooth-colored filling material are very cosmetic and natural looking.
  •  Is chemically bonded to tooth structure.
  •  White fillings utilize more conservative preparations.
  •  The composite filling material contains acrylic and glass particles, no mercury.
  •  White filling material is already hard when you leave the dental office.

Cons for Tooth Color fillings

  • The composite filling material is more expensive.
  • Has to be placed without moisture contamination.










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