Signs you need to go the the Dentist

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Signs you need to go to the dentist:

Routine dental cleanings and dental exams are vital to preventing decay and maintaining great dental health. It is  also important that you work to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy with good home dental hygiene. This includes brushing three times a day, flossing at least once a day and limiting sugary snacks.

Sometimes you just forget or life gets in the way. Maybe you have dental anxiety and need sedation dentistry.  Whatever the case may be it is important to note that your dental visits can help spot future or current small dental problems. Dr. Nugent, a Pasadena Texas Family and Cosmetic Dentist, encourages you to not ignore your dental health for yourself and your family. Dentistry is inexpensive, neglect is very expensive.


Here are some signs that indicate you need to visit the dentist right away:

  1. Your teeth are very sensitive to hot and cold food items
  2. You notice bad breath that doesn’t seem to go away
  3. Gum tissue that is always dark red in color, puffy and/or bleeding
  4. Sores in your mouth that do not go away
  5. You consume tobacco products
  6. You have problems chewing and swallowing
  7. You have pain in your teeth or jaw
  8. You have frequent episodes of dry mouth

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