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Tooth sensitivity 


Teeth sensitivity can be a frustrating clinical dilemma for Dr. Nugent and patients. Dr. Nugent likes to try the most simple and non-invasive steps first to try to solve the sensitivity.

  1. Find the tooth that is sensitive ,check the occlusion (bite) and look for micro-fractures.
  2. If the patient has been using over the counter sensitivity toothpaste Dr. Nugent will recommend prescription Prevident 5000 toothpaste.
  3. Use a laser on the tooth to decrease sensitivity.
  4. Apply a fluoride varnish to the sensitive teeth. Dr. Nugent will instruct the patient not to brush, floss or clean the varnished tooth for twenty four hours. This allows the fluoride varnish to remain on the tooth and treat the sensitivity.
  5. Dr. Nugent will use a self-etching bonding agent on the tooth in hopes of sealing the exposed dentin tubules.

Sensitive teeth can be very frustrating. However, Dr. Nugent always tries to do the easiest most likely solution first. Most of the time over the counter sensitivity tooth or prescription toothpaste takes away the teeth sensitivity issues. This is great because it is simple (the patient uses a toothpaste) and Dr. Nugent did not have to do any drastic work on the teeth. When the toothpaste does not work then other options are employed.

Solving teeth sensitivity requires that both Dr. Nugent and the patient be resilient and understand that is one attempt does not work, then we will try another non-invasive treatment. Dr. Nugent will save the non-reversible and invasive procedures as a last resort.

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