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Dr. Nugent understands that there are many changes associated with getting older. Patients with arthritis may have increased difficulty with daily dental care. Furthermore, many Senior Citizens take medications that cause dry mouth. The reduction of moisture in the mouth greatly increases the risk of decay. Patients may no longer drive and have difficulty making it to the dentist. Or simply, Senior Citizens may have not seen a dentist in many years. Finding a dental practice that is compassionate and wants to help Senior Citizens can be a challenge. Dr. Nugent treats Senior Citizens with the dignity and respect they deserve. Pain free and quality dental care should be available at all stages of life.


Understanding the Challenges of Geriatric Patients:

Dr. Nugent has the experience and compassion to cater to elderly patients. Dr. Nugent is knowledgeable in challenges associated with senior citizen dental health care such as:

  1. The inability to brush and floss properly. Many patients have medical conditions or arthritis that make daily brushing and flossing extremely difficult. It is essential for these elderly patients to visit Dr. Nugent regularly for dental cleanings and exams. Dr. Nugent may also recommend an electric tooth brush to aid in home care. Electric tooth brushes are easier to hold and the electric tooth brush moves the bristles so fast it cleans amazingly well.
  2. Dry Mouth. Cancer treatments, diseases and medications contribute to dry mouth. Decreased saliva greatly increases decay. This is because saliva neutralizes the acid from bacteria and saliva helps to wash away bacteria. Dr. Nugent recommends patients with dry mouth to drink plenty of water, chew sugar free gum and suck on sugar free candies. Also, Dr. Nugent may prescribe prescription tooth paste that has extra fluoride to help strengthen teeth.
  3. Patients in dentures still need to visit the dentist. Dr. Nugent will check the fit and function of the dentures. The underlying bone and gum tissue changes over time causing poor fitting dentures. This can cause sore sports, ulcers and diminished chewing ability. Dentures may need to be repaired and relined. A great option for dentures wearers is dental implant dentures.

Senior Citizens deserve to be treated with compassion. Dr. Nugent provides comprehensive dental care for patients in their “golden years”. Dr. Nugent understands the special needs of senior citizens. Dr. Nugent wants Senior Citizens’ dental visits to be positive and rewarding.


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