Senior Citizen Dentist Pasadena Texas

Senior Citizen Dentist Pasadena Texas


How should you clean your dentures?

When cleaning your dentures, first rinse away loose food particles thoroughly. Then moisten your toothbrush and apply denture cleanser or toothpaste. Brush every surface, scrubbing to dislodge food and plaque. It is also a good idea to soak your dentures in denture cleaner solution at night.

My dentures are loose, what can be done?

Old fashioned dentures merely rest on the gum tissue. They are loose and unstable. Dr. Nugent can create dental implant dentures that are rock solid. Throw away your denture adhesives when you get dental implant dentures.

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Why do teeth darken as you age?

Teeth darken because they become stained. Anything that will stain a white t-shirt will stain teeth. Senior citizens have had more time to stain their teeth. Teeth bleaching is a great way to regain a white beautiful smile.

Why is my mouth always dry?

Dry mouth is a very common problem among seniors. As we get older the saliva changes from a watery consistency to a more mucus like consistency. Thus, your saliva does not lubricate at well. Furthermore, Senior Citizens are more likely to be on medications. These medications can have side effects of dry mouth.

Are seniors more susceptible to gum disease?

Yes. The severity of gum disease may be increased due to ill-fitting dentures or bridges, poor diets, poor oral hygiene, gum recession, other medical diseases, decreased dexterity leading to poor teeth brushing and even some medications.

Should seniors be worried about cavities?

Yes. The majority of senior citizens have root decay and are more susceptible to cavities.

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