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La Porte Texas Dental Sedation:

If you have been afraid of the dentist your entire life, Dental Sedation from Dr. Nugent will allow you to get the dental care you need in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

Sedation-Dentist-Pasdena-Texas-Small-300x225Fear of the dentist can have many causes. These fears include a large gag reflex, hatred of needles, general anxiety disorder, bad past dental experiences, and true dental phobias.

Dental Sedation can make your dental visit enjoyable by providing a stress-free and anxiety-free appointment.

Dr. Nugent, I’ve heard about dental sedation, but I’m nervous about being unconscious. What are my options regarding dental sedation?

The first and lightest level of sedation is Nitrous Oxide (also called laughing gas). During the dental procedure Dr. Nugent will be able to regulate the amount of nitrous oxide and can increase and decrease the gas as needed. You will be able to answer questions and follow verbal commands. Patients on nitrous oxide are very relaxed and often laugh throughout the procedure. Often patients sleep through the dental appointment. Once the procedure is over, pure oxygen is inhaled to flush out the nitrous oxide and the effects of the nitrous oxide are completely gone. You are able to drive home or return to work.

Dental Sedation Pasdaena Texas

The next level of sedation combines taking an oral sedative in conjunction with the nitrous oxide. This sedation protocol is very helpful for patients who are very nervous about dental treatment. Patients will remain awake during the procedure and will breathe on their own. Patients are very relaxed and often times will fall asleep. Patients lose time awareness, so long procedures can be completed and the patient is unaware of the time involved. Patients must have someone drive them home and stay with them until the effects of the oral sedative wear off. Most patients are so relaxed that when they get home they take a nap.

One of Dr. Nugent’s main focuses in his practice is sedation dentistry. Dr. Nugent never wants fear or nerves to come between you and your oral health care. Dr. Nugent is a

leader in sedation dentistry and is certified by the State of Texas Board of Dental Examiners to deliver prescription drugs to patients in his office.

If you have been putting off your dental care because of fear or anxiety, you owe it to yourself to come discover how modern dentistry and dental sedation can help you. Dr. Nugent is a trusted leader in the area.







Laughing Gas

This type of sedation is great if you are apprehensive about a dental operation or appointment but do not want to be completely sedated. Dr. Eastwood will administer a mixture of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen through a nose mask, and you will breathe through this mask as recommended.

As you inhale the gas, you will become less nervous and may experience a “floaty” or “dreamy” sensation. Although you may feel a little removed from what’s going on around you, you will not fall asleep and will remain alert during your operation.
One of the main advantages of this sedation procedure is that the side effects are negligible, and the effects of the sedation fade off after a few minutes of removing the nose mask. You can drive yourself home and resume your normal routine immediately following your treatment.

Sedation with Pills

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a strong tablet or liquid sedative 30-60 minutes before your consultation. You’ll feel drowsy and tired when the sedative takes action. You may fall asleep during your session in some situations.

Anterograde amnesia is fairly common with oral conscious sedation. As a result, you may forget a significant portion of your operation.
When compared to nitrous oxide sedation, the side effects are more severe. You won’t be able to drive or operate heavy machinery for at least 4-6 hours following your session because you’ll be groggy. If you select oral conscious sedation, you must arrange for someone to drive you to and from our office.

What is the purpose of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is mostly used to address dental anxiety. Dental anxiety is a relatively common problem that frequently prevents individuals from receiving necessary dental care. Sedation can help you feel more safe and comfortable when visiting the dentist if you are apprehensive or nervous about going.
Sedation also alleviates pain and suffering during more invasive treatments like tooth extractions and dental implant implantation. It also makes you feel more at ease if you need many dental operations and must remain still for several hours during treatment.

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