Sedation Dentistry Deer Park Texas

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Sedation Dentistry Deer Park Texas

Sedation dentistry is an amazing option for patients who experience high stress and anxiety when visiting the dentist. Dr. Nugent uses several different means of dental sedation.

We offer sedation dentistry to meet the unique needs of our anxious, fearful, or busy dental patients, because your comfort and peace of mind are our first concern. The most important person in our office is the patient. We use nitrous oxide and oral sedation in our office to help the fearful dental patient. Using these safe sedation techniques, we have successfully treated  the most fearful and anxious patients.

Many of our patients have complex cases which require the skill and expertise of Dr. Nugent. Our dedicated team will assist you with all of your dental needs in conjunction with your cosmetic and implant treatment.

Sedation Dentistry:

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