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Over thirty percent of Americans avoid the dentist because of fear and anxiety. Usually the fear is based on past dental experiences. Dr. Nugent has advanced training in Sedation Dentistry and holds special licenses from the State of Texas to utilize sedation in his office. Sedation dentistry can allow even the most fearful patient to have dental needs taken care of in a very relaxed and peaceful state. If you are interested in the many benefits of sedation dentistry then call Dr. Nugent’s office to schedule a new patient visit.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

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Dr. Nugent is a leader in sedation dentistry. You fears and anxiety are real. Dr. Nugent is compassionate and will listen and understand you problems. He will then discuss what level of sedation is appropriate for you and how dental sedation can help you receive quality dental care. Call our office to schedule a sedation dentistry consultation.

Sedation Dentistry: Nitrous Oxide

You have probably heard of laughing gas which is also known as Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). This is the combination of the two gases oxygen and nitrogen, and it is used by dentists all over the world. Nitrous Oxide has been used in dentistry since the 1800s. This easy and safe sedation allows the patient to remain calm without the nervousness and edginess that is sometimes associated with going to the dentist. This simple sedation technique benefits those patients who have strong dental fear or a very touchy gag reflex.


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Laughing gas can be felt almost immediately upon administration. It is tolerated very well by most all of the patients who receive it. The result is a very calm and uplifted feeling or state of being. It can be reversed easily, and it is very easy to be given by the dental professional.

A dentist may opt to use nitrous oxide for patients who require long procedures or who have mild anxiety. The sedation allows patients to relax and experience a more comfortable treatment. Laughing gas has a long history of safety when used in a dental environment. Nitrous oxide can be used alone to relax patients and reduce pain, or it can be combined with oral sedatives to produce a deeper level of sedation.

Laughing gas is administered through a mask that fits over the patient’s nose. The patient then inhales profoundly through his or her nose while the dentist makes essential conformity to the nitrous oxide to take into account a superbly custom-made narcotic. Once the method is over, the dentist will then acquaint immaculate oxygen all together with restore the patient to full cognizance. Patients are free to drive themselves after the procedure. One of the greatest advantages to utilizing nitrous oxide is that it is extremely safe.

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Dr. Nugent’s Daughter on Nitrous. Daddy pulled two baby teeth.

Although nitrous oxide can be highly effective in reducing dental anxiety and is well tolerated, it may not be appropriate for all patients. Those who tend to breathe primarily through their mouths or who have a cold may find that nitrous oxide is not an effective solution for their anxiety. Those with claustrophobia may not be able to tolerate the mask used to administer the nitrous oxide while others may find the relaxed sensation nitrous oxide induces to be disconcerting.

Oral Dental Sedation

For patients that have extreme dental anxiety, Dr. Nugent can prescribe pills to be taken before the dental visit. You will arrive at the office and take your medication under Dr. Nugent’s supervision. The oral medication will quickly take hold and you will be relaxed and at peace. Most patients will start to sleep because they are so relaxed. Dr. Nugent will then place the laughing gas on you. The great advantage of oral medication sedation is that the medication has an amnesic effect. In other words, you will not remember your dental visit.



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