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Many people avoid the dentist because of fear or anxiety. Dr. Nugent has specialized training and licensing from the State of Texas to utilize dental sedation in his Pasadena, Texas dental office. For most people, their fear of the dentist comes from a bad past experience. Dr. Nugent acknowledges that your fear and anxiety are real. He will not lecture or shame you. Dr. Nugent has a sincere desire to help you achieve your dental needs. In order to make patients relaxed and comfortable Dr. Nugent uses Sedation Dentistry.


Sedation Dentist Pasadena Texas

Dental Sedation

The first sedation option is to use Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). This calms and relaxes patients. Sometimes, the laughing gas is not enough. When this happens, Dr. Nugent uses oral medication to further relax the patient. When patients are on the oral sedation most of them report being in a “dream like” condition. Most patients think they sleep through the procedure.

Scared of the Dentist

Dr. Nugent understands and acknowledges your dental fears and anxiety. Dr. Nugent works with the frighted dental patient weekly. Patients travel great distances and come in from out of town in order to receive sedation dentistry from Dr. Nugent. Call our office to schedule your dental sedation appointment.





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