Private Practice over Corporate Dental

Michael Nugent DDS

Private Dental Practices Deliver Superior Patient Care

When choosing a dentist, patients should strongly consider selecting a private practice instead of a corporate dental franchise. Private dental offices are owned by the dentists who operate them. This allows for more personalized care shaped around patient needs rather than corporate profit. Private practices offer several advantages that result in better quality dental treatment.

First, private practice dentists have more autonomy to determine the best procedures and materials for each patient. They are not pressured by corporate policies to meet sales quotas or use standardized products and treatments. Corporate dentistry focuses heavily on upselling services and pushing brand name dental products. Corporate dental office pay their dentists on commissions. Thus, it is advantageous the the Corporate Dentist’s paycheck to overtreat patients. Private dentists can make recommendations based solely on their expertise and what is right for the individual. This leads to more customized care.

Additionally, private dental offices provide a more tailored patient experience. The dentist takes time to listen to patient concerns and explain treatment options. Appointment times are flexible to accommodate patient needs rather than adhering to a rigid corporate schedule. Franchise Corportate Dentla office are heavily insurance based and are in-network with all insurance plans. Thus, these office over schedule in anticipation of patients not showing up. Whereas, in private practice patients feel like valued individuals rather than just another number. Ongoing relationships built over years lead to trusting partnerships between patients and their dentist. This level of personal service is lacking in impersonal corporate settings.

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Moreover, private practice dentists are invested in the long-term health of their patients. Many corporate offices experience frequent turnover of dentists and staff. The dentist has little incentive to take ownership in follow-up care or proactively treating issues early. Private dentists are committed to meeting a patient’s lifetime oral health needs. They take responsibility for ensuring problems are resolved rather than simply patching them temporarily to make a quick profit. Dr. Nugent is the third owner of this practice. We still have patients that started with the original dentist. They have been coming to this dental office for over 6o years.

In terms of facilities and technologies, private dental offices can offer the same state-of-the-art equipment as corporate offices, if not better. Private dentists utilize the latest tools and techniques that allow them to provide cutting edge care. Their offices are typically more comfortable and welcoming as well. Corporate clinics often project a cold, clinical feel focused more on volume than nurturing patients.

Ultimately, the quality and satisfaction delivered by a dentist depends largely on their skills and dedication. Most dentists choose private practice because they care deeply about providing excellent dentistry to patients who become like family. The freedom and control private practice allows attracts the best dentists. In contrast, the focus on rapid patient turnover in corporate dentistry undermines quality and personal care. For these reasons, private dental practices are the best choice for personalized, attentive oral healthcare.

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