Post and Core

Post and Core for Crown Retention:

Often times when teeth break there is not enough tooth structure for Dr. Nugent to work with. Thus, a procedure called a Post and Core is preformed. A root canal is done and then a fiber post is put into the tooth where the nerve used to be. Placing the fiber post deep in the tooth allows for more retentive strength of the new tooth material that will be placed. The build up material (white composite filling) bonds chemically to the tooth. The post adds a mechanical element to the tooth. The result is a much stronger foundation for the new crown.

Post and core is a dental restoration treatment performed after a root canal to salvage an existing tooth that has lost significant internal structure. This procedure helps anchor a dental crown on top of a tooth, protecting it from further damage or infection. Posts are placed into the canal where the root of the tooth used to be, retaining the tooth’s core buildup. The post goes inside the canal, which is sealed during the root canal procedure. The post is only recommended when more than 50% of the tooth’s original structure is removed, mechanically retaining the dental crown and core. There are two types of post and core procedures: prefabricated post and core and cast post and core.

Pros of post and core include retaining the tooth, eliminating the need for costly extraction and dental replacement. Cons include not reinforcing or strengthening teeth, and the post may stress or weaken teeth over time. Overall, post and core is a valuable dental restoration treatment for those who need to preserve their tooth’s structure and protect it from further damage or infection.

The Post and Core  procedure is valuable in saving very broken down and decayed teeth. It is very predictable and has good longevity.  If the tooth can’t be saved then it is best to do a dental implant. Dental implants completely replace a lost tooth.

Implant and Tooth


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