Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

Gum Disease and Smoking are the leading causes of tooth loss.  Gum disease is a powerful disease processes that literally destroys the gum tissue and supporting bone around teeth. The major problem with periodontal disease is that it does not hurt. Patients come into my Pasadena Texas Dental Office with advanced gum disease. Patients are shocked when I tell them that they don’t need a normal routine dental cleaning. They need a procedure called Scaling and Root Planing. This procedure removes the Calculus (tartar) that is cemented to the teeth. The gum tissue is cleaned and irrigated with anti-bacterial solutions. The patient has to come in for several appointments while the hygienist fights the bacterial infection.

Ways to Prevent Gum Disease:

  1. Brush your teeth three times a day
  2. Use an electric toothbrush
  3. Floss Daily
  4. Use Listerine
  5. Don’t Smoke
  6. Visit Dr. Nugent’s office routinely for checkups and dental cleanings

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