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1. Many Senior Citizens experience “dry mouth.” As one gets older the liquid content of saliva is reduced and saliva has higher mucus content. This creates a less moist mouth. Saliva has many protective functions like washing away food and bacteria and neutralizing acid. Furthermore, some medications, diseases and cancer treatments can lead to dry mouth. Dr.Nugent helps his dry mouth patients by prescribing prescription fluoride toothpaste to better protect your teeth. Also, drinking plenty of water is advised along with chewing sugar free gum sweetened with xylitol.

2. Seniors sometimes have diminished motor skills in their hands due to arthritis. Dr. Nugent will evaluate home care and often recommend an electric tooth brush. Dr. Nugent likes the Sonicare electric tooth brush with UV sanitizer. Also, Dr. Nugent will recommend a water pick to help irrigate and clean the gum tissue if a patient can not floss.

3. Seniors are more likely to have multiple missing teeth or dentures. Dentures need adjustment and cleaning.  Dr. Nugent can adjust or reline existing dentures and talk to seniors about upgrading their outdated dentures to advanced Implant Dentures.

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