Periodontal (gum) Disease

Pasadena Texas Family Dentist Dr. Nugent talks about Gum Disease:

Periodontal Disease

During new patient exams Dr. Nugent does a complete evaluation of the mouth including detailed examination of each tooth’s gum tissue. Furthermore, the hygienists regularly update the status of the gum tissue.

The gum tissue forms a pocket around the tooth. A pocket from zero to three millimeters is considered normal and healthy as you are able to clean food and bacteria out of the pocket. When the pockets get larger than three millimeters periodontal disease has started because you are no longer able to remove bacteria, plaque and food particles from the pockets. The bacteria release their waste and toxins, the immune system is hyperactive and the result is the tissue detaches from the tooth and the underlying bone is destroyed. The new larger pocket allows more bacteria to hide causing a vicious positive feedback loop.

For patients that have Periodontal Disease, scaling and root planning (also called deep cleaning) is necessary. This deep cleaning removes the plaque, calculus (tartar), and bacteria from the pockets. Additionally, local antibiotics can be placed in the pockets to help accelerate the healing process. The goal of the deep cleaning is to remove the noxious stimuli and give the tissue a chance to be healthy and reattach to the tooth eliminating deep pockets. Then you can maintain healthy gum tissue at home.


Gum or periodontal disease, also known as gingivitis, is a condition caused by bacterial growth in the mouth that, if left untreated, can result in the loss of teeth and devastation of the gums.

Gum Disease Therapy

Inflammation of the gums, or gingivitis, is the initial phase of gum disease. It all begins with the growth of plaque on the teeth and the multiplication of bacteria, which inflame the gums and cause them to hemorrhage when brushing or flossing. At this stage, the gums may be irritated, but they are still firm and have no significant injury.

Effective and Painless Treatment for Gum Disease

Plaque can be kept under control with the assistance of professional dental cleanings at least once every six months and daily flossing and brushing. This will prevent gum disease. Using an antibacterial mouthwash to rinse the teeth reduces the amount of bacteria in the mouth. A non-surgical procedure is available for treatment. This treatment is called Scaling and Root Planing. This is essentially a thorough cleaning procedure that removes plaque from above and below the gum line and smoothes rough spots on the tooth root.


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