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Pasadena, Texas Dentist: Prevention of Periodontal Disease

During your checkup, we examine your gums for periodontal (gum)  problems. A probe (ruler) is used to measure “pockets” between the gums and the teeth. Normal healthy space or depth between teeth and gums should not exceed 3 millimeters. If gum disease is diagnosed, a procedure called Scaling and Root Planing is performed. During this procedure the Hygienist will remove the calculus, tartar and bacterial infection from the gum tissue.

Your dental treatment depends on how far the gum disease has progressed. The earliest stage of the disease is gingivitis, which is reversible if treated. The more advanced stage is periodontitis, which may require more aggressive treatment to prevent tooth loss. If left untreated, the affected teeth will lose all gum and bone support. The too become progressively loose and then will fall out or require removal. More people over the age of 30 lose their teeth due to gum disease then they do cavities or trauma.

Gum Disease Pasadena Texas


When periodontal disease is  diagnosed, one of our recommended treatments is scaling and root planing. Depending on the extent of the disease, treatment may require one or more visits. Usually, the hygienists will work on one side of the mouth at a time.

Periodontal Disease Pasadena Texas

Periodontal disease will not go away by itself.  Periodontal disease does not hurt until the very end of the disease processes. When pain comes from gum disease it is to late to save the teeth. Preventing and treating the disease through good oral healthcare in the early stages is the best way to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.


Calculus and bacteria lead to Periodontal Disease


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Gum Disease Pasadena Texas