Pasadena Texas Dentist Advanced Digital X-rays

Advanced Digital X-rays by Pasadena, Texas Cosmetic Dentist Michael Nugent.

X-rays deliver essential information for diagnosing and treating a variety of dental problems. Our Pasadena Dental office uses x-rays to deliver the best in dental care. However, patients more often tolerate x-rays rather than embrace them for a variety of reasons: discomfort from bulky film, concerns about radiation exposure, and extra time spent waiting in the dental chair waiting for films to be ready.

Digital Dental X-rays Pasadena Texas

Dr. Nugent has been using the latest technology by utilizing Digital X-rays. By going digital we know our dentistry is better for our patients, our staff and our environment. Here’s why:

1. Greatly Reduced Radiation Exposure. Dental radiation is extremely small. However, digital technology cuts that exposure by as much as 90%. You get more “background” natural radiation per day then the radiation from digital x-rays.

2. Faster Imaging. No more waiting for old fashioned chemicals to develop film.

3. A Crisper Image. More information is gathered from digital x-rays because they are sharper and can be magnified. Furthermore, Dr. Nugent can alter the black and white contrast looking for areas of concern. Early detection of problems benefit the patient.

4. Easy Information Sharing. Digital x-rays provide a means for Dr. Nugent to share your x-rays with other doctors to avoid duplicate x-rays.

5. No Toxic Chemical Waste. No more toxic chemicals are needed to develop old fashioned plain films. The digital x-rays have much less environmental impact.

Digital Xrays Pasadena Texas



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