Pasadena Texas Dentist | 3D Xray

Dr. Nugent is proud to offer revolutionary diagnostic technology with the Galileos 3D Imaging System. This system provides three-dimensional, high-definition, in-office digital imaging. The machine is able to take scans in 14 seconds, decreasing your radiation exposure and lessen the likelihood of movement interference.


These high quality scans allow Dr. Nugent a complete three dimensional view of the mouth, teeth and jawbones. With better diagnostic information comes better treatment.

This high-resolution scan images produced by Galileos gives Dr. Nugent a complete 3D views of critical anatomy for better dental implant placement. Dr. Nugent invests in the technology possible to better serve his patients. Precise imaging allows Dr. Nugent to “digitally place” your dental implant. Therefore, prior to your implant surgery Dr. Nugent knows exactly where you implant needs to go and is aware of any anatomical surprises BEFORE you surgery. Everything is planned out prior to your surgery. This results in more predictable and easy dental implant surgery for the patient.





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