Pasadena Texas All on Four Dental Implants

All on Four Dental Implant Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

Dentures Pasadena TexasAll on Four was developed as a way to best return patients to fully functioning teeth in the upper and lower jaws. This revolutionary dental implant rehabilitation was invented in Europe by a European implant dentist using clinical research, bio-mechanics, and computer simulation.


The procedure uses only four dental implants to secure all the teeth in place. Thus the name that came about is the All on Four dental implant treatment. This amazing treatment provides patients patient’s with full teeth rehabilitation without the use of bone grafting. Because no bone grafting is needed the procedure can be completed faster. Furthermore, the front implants are anchored in the more dense jaw bone and the back implants are angled to avoid anatomical structures. Also, by angling the back implants it allows the implant to engage more bone and is therefore more secure.

All on Four Dental Implants Pasadena Texas


All on 4 Dental Implants Protocol:

In order for Dr. Nugent to properly evaluate you for the All on Four Dental Implant procedure you will have an advanced conebeam 3-D X-ray taken. This allows Dr. Nugent to visualize you upper and lower jawbone with tremendous accuracy. If everything is good, impressions will be made to start the fabrication of your new teeth.


The day of your surgery, any remaining teeth will be removed. At least four titanium dental implants are positioned in the jaw. Then once the dental implants are secure, the new prosthesis will be screwed into the implants to give you fully functioning teeth. It is important to note that these new teeth are your temporary teeth. Once the bone heals, a new set of teeth will be fabricated. The new teeth will have a titanium substructure that ties all the implants together. This increases the strength of the final prosthesis.

All on Four Dental Implants

The exquisiteness of this All on Four procedure is the sheer convenience. Special dental implants were developed for this treatment allowing for the immediate fitting of the replacement prosthesis to the implants.



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