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Michael Nugent DDS

Laser Dentist Pasadena TexasLaser Cavity Detection

Small cavities can be very hard to find and diagnosis. It is easier to fix cavities when they are small. Therefore, Dr. Nugent utilizes the Diagnodent Laser. This laser painlessly shines laser energy into the teeth. It records the wavelength of the laser as it is bounced back by the tooth’s enamel. The Didagnodent will give a numerical reading and positively identify decay. No more wondering if a stain is really a cavity.


Digital X-rays

Digital Dental X-rays Pasadena TexasDr. Nugent uses digital x-ray to better serve his patients. The x-ray images are stored in the computer and Dr. Nugent can use software to help magnify, change the contrast, and take measurements. This allows for better diagnostic interpretations of the x-rays leading to better quality of treatment.

Advantages of digital x-rays of old fashioned x-rays:

1. Digital is faster, producing images that are viewed almost instantly

2. Digital is safer because less radiation is used.

3. Digital is better for the environment because no toxic chemical are used to develop the x-ray.

4. Digital is more comfortable for the patient

5. Digital images can be enriched to improve diagnostic accuracy

6. Digital images can be easily shared and emailed.


3-D ConeBeam X-Rays


Dental Magnification and Lights

Top Pasadena Texas DentistYou have to see what you are doing. Dr. Nugent has used high power dental magnification glasses since dental school. The magnification allows for greater detail. Dentistry works in 1/10th of millimeters. Don’t you want your dentist seeing things magnified and clearly.

To aid in visibility, Dr. Nugent uses a high powered light on his glasses. This allows him to illuminate the mouth and to have increased visibility exactly where he is working.


Advanced Oral Cancer Detection

Oral Cancer Pasadena TexasOral Cancer is devastating because it is often found in the latter stages. Earl detection of cancerous lesions is vital for increased survival rate. Therefore, Dr. Nugent utilizes the Velscope to aid in oral cancer detection. The Velscope is painless and quick. It shines an incredibly bright light that penetrates the tissue. Then the tissue reflects the light back. If there are any areas going through changes the areas appear as dark spots. These areas can be examined further by an Oral Surgeon who will biopsy the area.



CEREC Pasadena Texas DentistWith the CEREC machine, Dr. Nugent is in an elite class of dentists. The CEREC machine is able to provide same day dental crowns. No more gooey impression, no more wearing a plastic crown, no more waiting two weeks, and no more second appointments.



Advanced Imagining

Dr. Nugent has intra-oral cameras (pictures are taken inside of your mouth) and extra-oral cameras (pictures taken outside of your mouth). Dr. Nugent then puts your pictures on an iPad so you can see exactly what Dr. Nugent sees. This allows the patient to see and better understand their dental conditions.


Advanced Cosmetic Software

Interested in what Cosmetic Dentistry can do for you? Dr. Nugent can take pictures and then use advanced cosmetic software to give you digital smile makeovers. Teeth Bleaching and Veneer makeovers are the most popular digital presentation.

Cosmetic Dentist Pasadena Texas



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