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Gum Loss and Tooth Decay in Senior Citizens Patients

A vast majority of senior citizens have tooth-root decay or periodontal disease (gum disease). It is estimated that 25% of Americans over the age of 65 have lost all their teeth. Dr. Nugent treats senior citizens in his Pasadena, Texas Dental Office. Dr. Nugent believes that dental education and preventative dental care can help Pasadena Senior Citizens keep their teeth throughout life.

Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)

There are several risk factors that make senior citizens more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease:

  • Recession of the gum tissue that exposes the root surface. The root surface decays much more rapidly than the crown of the tooth.
  • Medications can cause side effects such as dry mouth.
  • Reduced salivary flow.
  • Saliva is less watery and more mucous filled in older individuals.
  • Memory problems resulting in a lack of daily dental hygiene.
  • Arthritis preventing proper brushing and flossing.




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